Blogmas 2021 Day 22: Shopping in 2022?

It usually takes me the first couple of months at the start of a year to figure out what it is I am truly wanting to purchase. However, the majority of my list is items that I have been looking at for quite some time, with a couple of new pieces.

Let me also say this list is known to be the higher priced items that I have been looking at. I’m definitely not getting everything, but I may convince myself that I deserve an item or 2…or 3 haha.

Brandon Blackwood – Handbag

I am really hoping that Brandon Blackwood releases this bag again. Of course I missed it when it was first made available, but now my name is on the notify list.

Prada: Re-nylon Baseball Cap

This baseball cap comes in 4 different colors but I want it in black. I like that it’s nylon which I believe makes it easier to clean and possibly last longer. I’ve seen reviews on this hat and I haven’t seen anyone have anything negative to say about it. It is hard to find in stores and of course I want to wait to purchase with a discount added. : )

Veronica Beard – Blazer

I’m not looking for a particular color, pattern, or material in a Veronica Beard blazer. I simply just want one and when I see one that I like that will be the one. These blazers are very pricey but the quality is amazing. Again, I’d like to be able to get one on sale. I found one at a consignment shop with a great price but wrong size. I don’t search for it often but I have it tagged on my watchlist for change in price.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the different styles.

Loewe – Puzzle Bag

I am still searching for THE Loewe puzzle bag that I want to add to my collection. I found one this year and thought so long about it, it sold out. So next year I’m taking a different approach with it. Get the bag, take it home, see how I feel about it and go from there. Better to have it and be able to make a final decision then to not have and the decision to be made for me.

That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it. Hahaha

These items I have been watching the most for 2021 and for 2022 hoping to land one with a discount.

What are some things you are hoping to purchase in 2022?

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