Bye Bye Empties: Ole Henriksen, Neutrogena, & More

Hello Hello and welcome back to another edition of Trash Talkin’! I started to notice that my bag of empties was becoming full and realized we were due for chit chat on the products I’ve been using.

I try to do this at least once a month but you know, life happens. I’m here now so let’s do this.

Ole Henriksen – Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum

Really quickly I want to share what happened. I was working on sharing this with and went over to Sephora to grab the link for easy access for y’all and for some reason I went to Ole Henriksen site. I’m glad I did, it just so happen to be National Vitamin C Day and they were offering 25% off all their products to include sale products. I had this in my cart for the Sephora sale but guess who no longer needs the 20% off when I get another 5%. A coin saved is a coin saved! My point:

Don’t forget to go to the company website and other sites to for sales.

Also, follow me on Instagram @Brittany_insider because I definitely shared this deal with my followers.

Back to regular scheduled post….

Price: $65

Use: Daily

Would I repurchase? I think I just answered that above haha. This is light on the skin and doesn’t cause my skin to become oily. It leaves a matte finish but still moisturizing to my face. I purchased 2 this time around to hold me until another sale.

Tatcha – The Deep Cleanse

Price: $16 – $38 ( 1.7 oz – 10.14 oz)

Use: 1x/week

Would I Repurchase? No. I’m not sure I fully paid attention to what it did for my skin. I do remember my skin feeling really good afterwards but it obviously didn’t give me a wow factor. I purchased mine in a duo set with the water cream so I received the 1.7 fl oz. I have other cleansers at lower price points that I feel work better.

Neutrogena – Body Clear Acne Body Wash

Price: $6.69

Use: Weekly

Would I Repurchase? Yes. This helps with the breakouts I get from time to time. The grapefruit scent is very strong so be aware but it definitely does not leave you smelling like grapefruit after use.

Liquid I.V.: Hydration Multiplier

Price: $15.99 – $24.47

Use: Weekly or when I feel like my water intake is lower than usual

Would I Repurchase? Yes, yes, yes. I have repurchased this in about 4 different flavors now. They definitely work! I usually purchase through the Liquid I.V. site however, I recently learned that Target also has them available.

Bath & Body Works: Rose Water & Ivy Candle

Price: $14.50 (always a sale 2/$20)

Use: Nightly

Would I Repurchase? Yes. I have purchased Rose Water & Ivy scented candles over and over. They are perfect for any space but I like to place mine in my bathroom, guest rooms, and entryways. I have even purchased the body wash.

I am all done and bringing this to a close.

Until next time, be good to yourself and others.

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Bye Bye Empties: Ole Henriksen, Neutrogena, & More