Are You Practicing Self-Care?

When is the last time you practiced self-care?

Have you ever practiced self-care?

Self-care is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

This past weekend I had a self-care session with myself. I turned on my music, poured a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (Decoy to be exact), and gave myself an amazing facial. It had been a while since I had given myself a facial but it reminded me to never go that long again.

There are so many ways that you can practice self-care and I definitely encourage everyone to do it. Self-care is that thing that allows you to hit the ‘reset button’ and check in with yourself. I check in with myself often to truly be sure I am in a good space. I always say if you are not in a good space mentally, physically, and emotionally how can you be the best version of yourself.

So, there are no set rules on what you should be doing as self-care. I do believe that it should be that thing that relaxes and makes you feel good.

Here are a few ideas on way to practice self-care:

  • Go for a walk outside – putting the body in motion and getting some fresh air on a daily is a must.
  • Enjoy a hot beverage – prepare coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm water with lemon.
  • Read a book
  • Take a bath
  • Catch up with friends – it is good to sit and laugh with those you care about. Virtually is an option.
  • Retail therapy – oh yes, this is a form of self-care just be careful not to overindulge
  • Watch a movie – put on that 2-3 hour movie you have been putting off.
  • Do a face mask
  • Do a fun skincare routine
  • Bake/Cook a new recipe 
  • Try a new hairstyle
  • give yourself a manicure
  • Yoga
  • Journal about your day
  • Make some DIY body scrubs – super easy to make

I hope this list gave you a few ideas or maybe even reminded you of what you have done as self-care in the past. If you have stopped or never started self-care, get on it!

Until next time, be good to yourself and others.

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