A Girl & Her Jewelry

Lately, I have been eyeing jewelry a little more than I used to. I have been focusing on those pieces that I can wear daily and can go with just about everything.

Before I jump into more expensive pieces, I found a couple of companies that offer the type of jewelry I was interested in.

Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa jewelry is gold-plated brass and sterling silver.

They are always having sales and even give a discount on your first purchase.

My parents knew I was interested in purchasing a couple of pieces from this company, and my Dad took care of that for Christmas.

Michelle Necklace

This necklace came as a set! I have worn it together and worn separate.


I wear this ring on my middle finger and it is such an eye-catcher whenever I wear it. I have been asked several times where I got this ring from.


Missoma jewelry is 18 ct gold vermeil, gold plated, sterling silver, and silver plated.

Discount is offered on your first purchase.

I was able to purchase a few pieces during the 20% off sale which I heard doesn’t happen often.

Lucy Williams T-Bar Chain Necklace

I saw this necklace online and knew said I want it. The necklace arrived and I wasn’t so sure I wanted it. I put it on, wore it inside my place for awhile, walked pass the mirror and said I want it haha. This is the type of necklace I can see myself wearing with those t-shirt and jeans days but I want to add a little bit more to my outfit.

Gold Flux Ring

Silver Interstellar Ring

Silver Radial Ring

I plan to purchase and/or put other pieces on my gift wishlist from both companies.

What are some jewelry companies that you like?

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