Have You Ever Been Poshmarking?

Looking for clothes, shoes, or home decor at a discounted price? Or are you looking for a now sold-out item? A good place to start is Poshmark, a reseller app where you can buy and sell items. When I first registered for this app I was solely on the mission of selling my own clothes. Now, I actually get on there to find items no longer sold in stores that others want to sell.

With the spring and summer approaching, I went through my own closet and removed items that I know I will not wear this year. I have started to put some items on Poshmark and because I love clothes/shoes, I get excited when someone else is able to enjoy pieces of mine.

Signing up for Poshmark? Use my code MSSASSYB and receive $10 off your first purchase!!!

Below are a couple of pieces that I have posted as we go into the spring/summer seasons. My Poshmark closet ranges from Medium/Large and sizes 10 – 14.

Signature by Robbie Bee – Size 14

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Have You Ever Been Poshmarking?