Which Apps Are On My Phone?

I don’t know about y’all but I feel like there is an app for everything these days. Someone thinks of something and boom there is an app. I love it because some of them definitely make my life a little easier and others tend to get me in a bit of trouble with myself. Maybe more like trouble with my checking account haha.

Today I just wanted to stop by and share a few apps that I have on my phone.


OverDrive is an app that allows you to borrow digital content from libraries and schools. This includes eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. For me, it is perfect because I am part of a book club and it allows me to ‘check out’ books at no cost. If my library does not carry the book I can recommend that they get it. If you would like to borrow a book and all the copies are ‘checked out’ you can go on a waitlist and you will be notified what number you are in line and notified when it is available. At times I may go on the waitlist and then get notified after starting another book. OverDrive is awesome because it allows you to remain in the line and choose from weeks to months when you want to be able to check it out again.

I also like the convenience of when I use to travel a lot I could pull out my phone and get reading done waiting to board, on the plane, or during some chill time on my business or personal travel. I have even found myself tapping on it while getting my manicure/pedicure.

Down Dog

During the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of exercise apps were allowing people to download and use the services for free. Down Dog caught my attention in that it had a yoga app. I had been away from yoga for quite some time so I said now would be a good time to get back into it. I will admit after my free trial I did not want to start paying for the app. I think my hesistation was if I was dedicated to it for the price.

Towards the end of the year, I received an email from Down Dog that was offering a special price on a yearly subscription. I decided then I would jump back into it while also taking advantage of the deal. I also discovered that within Down Dog there were other apps available to include HIIT and Barre workouts. Going forward I can see myself renewing my subscription as I have been using the app on a consistent basis. It might only be week 4 but that is consistent to me haha.


Shoptagr is my friend and my enemy. This is an app that is linked to more than 4,000 shopping websites. Shoptagr has the ability to save items that you are interested in within the app. You are able to create different folders for clothing, shoes, home decor, etc and you can get as specific as you want with each. While you shopping different websites you click the ShopTagr icon and it immediately ask which folder you would like to save it to. You can then tell it when you want to be notified such as any price change, 25% decrease, or 50% decrease. Even if the item is out of stock you can add it to your list and you will get notified when the company has more in stock.

Now, this is my friend because it alerts me when an item I am interested in goes on sale. It is my enemy because I find myself having way too many items on my list and I have to tell myself no to either don’t put it on the list or pass up the deal.

Glad I can share some of my apps with y’all. What are some apps that you use?

Cover photo: t4hlil

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