My 2021 Luxury Wish List- Handbags

I have lost count of the number of YouTube videos and blog posts relating to luxury purchases. Seriously, I had no idea just how much I watched them until I found myself making a wish list of my own. As of now I have been focused on handbags/purses.

I will be honest there a couple on here I will probably never own unless I receive it as a gift or win the lottery. There are some prices that I can not justify with myself. I would have to not buy a SINGLE PIECE of clothing, shoe, or any other bag for the next 5 years to feel like I have saved for it. The price always slows me down but I think if I slow up on my spending on everything else I can see it as a trade. We will see how that works out.

Let me add, this wish list is definitely flexible and I can see it changing rather I am adding or subtracting. Also, I have no problem carrying this list into 2022.

So for now here is where I am in no particular order.


I have been wanting this bag for about 3 years but for some reason, I can’t seem to commit. I have purchased a cardholder similar to this black on black style and I really like it. I have no idea why I can not bring myself to purchase. I have tried this bag on enough that a friend of mine has now said she refuses to go back into YSL with me unless I am buying the bag haha.


I have found this bag on a pre-loved site and I am a little closer to purchasing it than where I was last week. I want it in the light eucalyptus color but now I am doing that thing where I am searching to see if there is another color that I may like more than this one. In a bag this size I know I want a fun color.

PROENZA SCHOULER – Grained Calfskin Medium PS1 Plus Satchel Black

This is another bag that I want in a color other than black. I like the simplicity of this bag but still has a bit of edge to it. I can see myself wearing this to work, or weekends with jeans and a cute top.

LOEWE – Puzzle Bag

So with these bags, I feel it gets a bit tricky because the multi-color is hard to get your hands on. This is another bag I am looking to get pre-loved to widen my options in the multi-colors. The picture below is not the exact color scheme that I want but I wanted you to get an idea of what the multi-color look like. However, I do want some fun colors as a summer bag.


This is the ONLY type of LV bag that I like. I am not a fan of any of the monograms as I prefer my bags to be less understated when it comes to displaying the brand. I do want them to come out with other color options in this bag because right now none of them hold my attention. The 2 below are the best right now in my opinion but I want to see what is to come.

There you have it my 2021 Luxury Handbag Wish List!

What are some handbags on your wish list this year?

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My 2021 Luxury Wish List- Handbags