SHEFIT Me Perfectly!!!

Since earlier this year, I have been looking for a new brand of bras that I can exercise in. I would get online do some research and then somehow become distracted. Anyways, I was finally cornered into finding new bras when I found myself working out 6-7 days a week and having to wash my bras before the week was over.

SHEFIT got me, her, I allllll the way together. Click the link and save $10 on your first purchase but first let me tell you about why I love them so much.

I do quite a bit of jumping around so I was looking for an exercise bra that was going to give me maximum support and comfort. I was also looking for one that I could secure in the front. I wanted a bra that would not only fit my cup measurement but also my band measurement. As we know every woman is not made the same and bras need to be as less ‘cookie cutter’ as possible.

Moving on to this awesome bra that checked all the boxes for me.

For starters, you are able to adjust this bra in the shoulders and around the bust or chest area.

What Did I Buy?

Ultimate Sports Bra – High Impact

I chose the Luxe size. While I have a small rib cage and short torso, I still need room in the bust area.

You can’t see it in the photos but the high impact bras have additional hooks/darts to ensure that you are completely locked down for your high impact workouts. I like that the both the top and bottom zipper have a cover. Normally, there is only one cover for the zipper on the bottom.

The bra straps allow you to wear this either with an H or X configuration.

If you own 2 of these you can even unhook and hook these bras to rebuild a completely new bra.

If you haven’t heard already I am a sucker for packaging. If a product is presented with good packaging I’m automatically giving it points and it has my attention. As soon I took these bras out of the mailing package I was liking them already.

Each bra came with their own garment bag that I can use to throw into the washer machine. Garment bags are important when washing your under garments to protect them against damage in the washer machine.

Also included was a measuring tape so if you have any issues with sizing and received the wrong bras you can send those back and get the correct bras. If you don’t need the measuring you can give it away to a friend and they can use the coupon that comes with it for their first purchase.

There was also a headband with a positive affirmation on it. I think it just screamed girl power!

From ordering to fulfilling to shipping took about 4-5 business days and I think that was good.

Would I buy this bra again? Yes yes and yes. I am also thinking about treating myself to the matching Boss Leggings. I don’t normally pay a lot for my leggings but I if these stand the test of time, washer machine, and dryer, I won’t mind.

If you decide you want to give these bras a try don’t forget to click the SHEFIT link to save $10 on your first order. I hope that you enjoy yours just as I much do.

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