I Wish For My Whole List…Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

I have been knowing about the Nordstrom sale probably since they released the dates. I knew it was coming and I months ago I started to slow up on my shopping.

My 2 reasons for less of clicking add to cart:

  1. Get my coins together
  2. Make sure I still had room in my closets – yes I said closets.

The sale is finally here!!! Unfortunately, because I want to be first, I am not apart of the elite group so I have to wait until 19 August to start shopping. I wasn’t going to show my wish list and wait until I had ordered my items however, I had a change of mind. I said if it were me I’d like to know what other people are eyeing to know what I should be looking out for.

This year Nordstrom is going a different route in that they are allowing EVERYONE to preview the sale online and not just the elite. In previous years they mailed out catalogs and that wasn’t the business.

Also, if you sign up and become a member (not a credit card holder), you can create a wish list and mark the items you are interested in purchasing. This also makes for quick checkout when it’s your turn.

And I’ve already braced myself that things will sell out while I wait but I’m hoping they will restock before the sale is over.

Below are links and a few pics of what is on my wish list. Remember this is my wish list and I have no plans of purchasing everything. Raise your hand if I convinced you haha.

Voluspa Maison Blanc Saijo Persimmon Maison Metallo 2-Wick Candle
Sale – $12/After Sale – $18
SERENE HOUSE Pure & Natural 3-Pack Essential Oils
Sale -$19.25/After Sale – $29.95

True & Co. True Body Lift Full Cup V-Neck Racerback Bralette
Sale – $37.90/After Sale – 58 I am interested to see the amount of coverage these offer. When I’m lounging around the house or making a takeaway run I don’t always want to wear an underwire bra.
Nordstrom Moonlight Dream Short Pajamas
Sale $29.90
After Sale-$49
I already own this set in black and I really like it. It is so soft, comfy, and withstands the washer/dryer
Nordstrom Moonlight Dream Pajamas
Sale – $39.90
After Sale – $69
Why not get the long version of what I already know I like!?!
Nordstrom Moonlight Dream Crop Pajamas
Sale – $35.90
After Sale – $55
If you haven’t noticed I have a thing for pajamas.
Nike Sportswear Knit Palazzo Pants
Sale- $39.90
After Sale – $60
I don’t know why but I like these and they look super comfortable. I’m not feeling the price but maybe once I try them on it’ll push me one way or the other.
Nordstrom Signature Cascade Collar Double Face Wool & Cashmere Coat
Sale- $299.90
After Sale – $599
J.Crew Schoolboy Stretch Crepe Blazer (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Sale – $98.90
After Sale – $198
A pop of color can go a long way and change any outfit.
Tory Burch Carson Leather Tote
Sale – $299.90
After Sale – $528
Is it just me or are you also eyeing the next black every day tote to add to your collection? Just me, it’s cool.
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set ($91 Value)
Sale – $68
I have heard a lot of chatter about this Pillow Talk and I’m ready to try it…I think.
Jo Malone London™ Cologne Collection ($115 Value)
Sale – $79
After Sale – $92
Perfect to put in your purse, in your desk drawer at work, and travel whenever that happens again.

I can’t say this is my final list being that I do have a few more days to peruse through the Nordstrom site before the sale starts. I can say that I have told myself NO MORE SHOES and I’m sticking to it. I even passed up the Nordstrom Rack and DSW shoe sale.

After I have purchased and decided what I’m going to keep, I will be back to share it all with you just like I did last year.

Until then, take a look and see what catches your attention for this year’s sale.

2020 Nordstrom Sales: What You Need To Know

*Cover Image: Stephanie D.

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I Wish For My Whole List…Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020