#SingleLife: Happy?

Scene: Working on a blog post and decided to take a break by watching YouTube videos that usually cause me to spend money or jog my memory to things that I should be getting done.

I am not sure how my YouTube feed popped up a video on single life, but it did and so here we are.

When I read the title to the first episode of the series, I thought oh this is another video of single people talking about life and blah blah blah not interested, but I clicked. Before I knew it, I was on episode 2 with a bowl of cereal talking out loud as though I was in the group. Haha

Then I knew this was something I wanted to share with y’all.

I went back to video 1 and I wanted to share what I was thinking while I watching it and let you all chime in below in the comments.

I plan to watch the entire series so of course I will be back to share the other videos and my thoughts.

Let’s get started:

Video 1: Hold Up! Are Single People Happy? – Anthony ONeal

Hold Up: Are Single People Happy? (She Kept It TOO REAL ...

So Anthony opens with the question of where would you say you are with being single? 10 being you are good with being single and 1 you are done and ready to be married.

Immediately I thought to myself I’m neither a 10 nor a 1 and I can’t say where I fall. As they started going around the room giving their numbers and explanations to follow, I started to hover around 6,7,8 hahaha.

I agreed with a lot of the things the lady spoke about with being a 7. I’ve seen enough situations where people rushed into marriage for the sake of saying they were married. Now they want out because it’s not always picture-perfect and they didn’t realize the amount of effort and patience it takes to maintain a marriage.

I understand that you never know how marriage will turn out but I also never want go into one because of convenience, comfort, or false sense of reality.

Then one of the ladies spoke exactly why I couldn’t come up with an exact number: “I feel the question is set up unfair to imply that 10 is right and 1 is wrong”.

Also, When Anthony ONeal spoke and gave his reasons for being a 2 while also feeling joy at this very moment I agreed with him.

For me, I am happy with the life in which I live. I truly like doing what I want when I want along with my personal space. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that I would not be willing to compromise for who I believe is the right person for me.

BUT, until that time I am good where I am.

The next question he asked was: What are you missing now that when you get married will be fulfilled?

My answer was simply teamwork makes the dreamwork. Let’s not get it twisted I’m out here making my dreams come true but I think to have another person in your corner makes it that much better. To know what the 2 of you want to accomplish and to be able to push each other even on those rough days…teamwork.

So here is where I saw my growth in myself…

One of the guys made a statement something similar to: There are only so many times I am going to ask you what’s wrong and if you say nothing you can’t come back to me later and now want to talk about it when I gave you the chance.

Before I knew it out loud I said ‘ You don’t get to say that’.

There was a time I felt the EXACT same way and I held on to it like it was going out of style haha. In my previous relationship, I learned that I don’t have the right to tell someone when they should be ready to talk about what is wrong or going on with them. #growth #selfreflection

I will also say that he added communication is key and if you aren’t ready to talk about it simply say that. I don’t think some people realize that helps the situation when your partner is trying to figure out what is wrong. Simply saying not right now can go a long way.

This video ended with probably one the best questions ever.

How would you feel if your partner made three times more than you?

Be sure to come back for Part 2 of #SingleLife so we can discuss income.

I have a feeling this is going to be a good discussion.

Cover Image: Lisa Fotio via Pexels

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