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Some of you already know what time it is. For those who are new, welcome to Brittany Insider! This year I have set a goal for myself to stop buying stuff just because. This includes apparel, accessories, and anything beauty related.  The only way I can purchase in these areas is if I am replacing something that I already own. For example, a black t-shirt has faded, lost earrings, or used all of my moisturizers.

Now that I am no longer purchasing beauty items, I seem to be going through my stuff way faster. These empties in this post fall under the beauty category – makeup.

Here it goes…

Sephora – MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder

Image result for sephora micro baked smooth 60 ebony

Price: $22

Use: Frequently


  • Can be used for all skin types
  • Lightweight
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Green Tea Mineral Extract

Would I repurchase? Yes. There was a time when a rumor was going around that Sephora was going to discontinue to this product and I went out and purchased 2 more as backups. This powder is perfect for days when you don’t want to wear foundation but you still want something on your face to give you a natural look. It is also very light on the skin. I apply this over my foundation and it does not change the color, it simply takes away the shine and sets it.

Guerlain – Terracotta Bronzing Powder 07

Image result for guerlain terracotta bronzer 07

Price: $54

Use: Not Often


  • Gives a sun-kissed effect on the skin
  • warms and enhance complexion

Would I repurchase? No. I didn’t think this truly bronzed my skin the way it should. It is possible I was not applying enough. The shade seemed to be a little light and I really had to swirl my brush to get the bronzer to show. I think there are other bronzers out that are half the cost and deliver the same results. Why did I purchase this? It was the talk of the beauty world at one point. I think if the formula was done over or I picked another shade I might might might have better results.

MAC Frost Lipstick – Bombshell

Image result for mac bombshell frost lipstick

Price: $19

Use: Not Often


  • smooth application
  • buildable coverage
  • high pearl semi-lustrous finish

Would I repurchase? No, not in this particular shade. I think when I originally purchased I sold myself on the idea that I could use a brown a liner and it would be able to pull it off. While I liked the shade of pink, the frost was too much for me.

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N9 – Copper Pink

Image result for makeup forever n9 copper pink

Price: $22

Use: Weekly


  • creamy with smooth application
  • long-wearing

Would I repurchase? Yes. I wore this lipstick O-U-T. I should have said use was daily because at one point it was the only thing I reached for out of my 20+ other shades. This was just an everyday lip color that went with any and everything I put on. It was so bad I had to tell myself to give it a break and to play with others lol. I was nice and gave one away to a friend and to my mom because I liked it that much I wanted someone else to experience it. Nowwww I’m on the search for it because it seems they have stopped selling it. If I’m not able to find I will have to find another shade that comes close to it. I also think I want to purchase another lip color in this same line.

Bite Beauty – French Press Lip Gloss- Chai Tea

OMG!!! I can not find this lip gloss anywhere. You all don’t understand when they first launched this line I was so pressed to get my hands on one of these. This has been my favorite lip gloss. I wore it as a topper and even solo and either way, it looked good. I can not believe this has gone missing in the beauty world. It is not on Bite Beauty or Sephora or anywhere else. Correction, it is on Amazon for $35 but I can’t bring myself to pay that amount of money for it. I meannn I liked it all but not enough to spend $35, I will get over it haha. Hmmm I think I put it in my giveaway pile I might need to take that back. I do so many giveaways and people hardly ever enter anyway so might as well put it to good use lol.

Well that is all that I have this time around for my Project Empty 2020. Don’t worry there will be more to come for sure.

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Trash Talkin’ Guerlain, MAC & More