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This week will make week 4 since I have been staying home trying to stay safe, sanitized, and sane.  This week was a bit slower as far as staying busy. Or maybe it was a combination of not being in the mood to do much.

My sleep schedule is completely off and when I do return back to the office it is going to be rough. I am waking up after 9 pm and going to bed after 2 am.

My highlight was online packages arriving. When it came to online shopping, I was doing really well. I didn’t have any carts with ‘let me think about it’ items and wasn’t entertaining sale emails. However, I don’t think there is anyway Amazon and most definitely Target was going to stay out of the picture this entire time. Macy’s got lucky but I will get into that later.

Let me share with you what I have ordered online.

One more thing, be sure while placing online orders, you are taking steps to ensure you are sanitizing packaging and products before use.




As the days went on I realized I didn’t have as much loungewear than I thought I did. After a week or 2, I found myself starting to repeat the same sweatpants. Now I know some are thinking, loungewear, ummmm how about pajamas. I’ve told myself I can not wear pajamas every day, I have to at least put on leggings, biker shorts, sweatpants or something. I have even put on a dress or 3 during these times. Yes, I have loungewear style dresses, I’m such a girly girl. So here is what ended up in my red cart.

Colsie-  Lounge Playsuit 

I purchased mine in a size medium and it is a relaxed comfortable fit.

Women's Lounge Playsuit - Colsie™ Black : Target
Target.com model


Threshold – Crackling Wooden Wick Candle


I have at least a half dozen candles and that doesn’t even count the 2 that I told my mom she can have when I see her again. I purchased 2 extra sweet-smelling candles and that is not my thing. I’m talking buttercream sweet. Sooooo I decided this would be a good time to replace those soon to be missing candles. Fine, it was really an excuse to try out a crackling wooden wick candle. I think it would be nice to hear that in the evenings when I’m watching a movie and sipping on my wine or hot tea. I went with coconut + honey and it smells really good.





Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer Super-Fast Electric Brush 

Amazon.com: Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer Super-Fast Electric ...

Being at home and having the extra time I decided now would be a good time to clean my makeup brushes. It also was a statement that there will be a day I’ll get to wear makeup again. Since I have allowed my brushes to stack up over time, it was a process to get through all of them. As I finished up the eyeshadow brushes I thought to myself it has to be better than literally cleaning them by hand in the sink.

Later I got online and found this gadget with good reviews…add to cart.






Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Amazon.com: Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo 6 Ounce: Beauty

Of course, I ordered the cleansing shampoo to go with my brushes. What I have currently is a solid bar so that wasn’t going to work.



KINGA Facial Steamer

Amazon.com: KINGA Facial Steamer Hot Mist Moisturizing Cleaning ...

This has been on my Amazon ‘Shopping List’ for a very long time. Why buy now you ask? Why not now is my response haha. I told myself not to order this if I wasn’t going to be serious about my skincare. I told myself until I was on a true skincare regimen I could not have it. Well, since I have been home I have been so it finally moved from my shopping list to my cart.







MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

Amazon.com - MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction 10Kpa ...

I have been trying to decide what type of vacuum I want for months now. While I was in the process of moving I said that I would look into the iRobot Roomba as an option. Soooo after I saw the price tag I said no thank you. I’m just not there yet, maybe one day.

I had a chance to check Target and Best Buy but nothing stood out to me and those that did I wasn’t ready to pay the price. Now that I am home, it made me type on over to Amazon.com to see what they had to offer. Just like that, I found my new vacuum. I like that it has multiple attachments and can be used for hard floors, carpet, stairs and windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain, etc. I also like that I can breakdown the entire vacuum to clean it.

This vacuum received very good reasons and I even had to wait almost 2 weeks for them to come back in stock so I could place my order.





Isotoner Signature Microterry Pillowstep Slippers with Satin Trim


Amazon.com | ISOTONER Women's Terry and Satin Slip On Cushioned ...

I purchased a new pair of house slippers. I needed to throw away the pair I currently have.

A couple of weeks ago early into #stayhome I thought something was in them near the toe area. After taking them off and further inspecting, I realized it was the boning of the slipper that had finally come out of the padding and was poking my toes. I also noticed that the other slipper had a hole forming. I never wore my slippers outside so this really told me I had walked some miles in the house haha. Macy’s is having a really good sale so it was no better time than now.


Charter Club Down Alternative 300-Thread Count 26″ x 26″ Euro Pillow

I really got on Macy’s to order another Euro Pillow.  I started with Macy’s because it was where I purchased the other 2 on my bed.

Charter Club Down Alternative 300-Thread Count 26" x 26" Euro ...


I would say that I think I am all set but I already have another Amazon cart. 😊

Take care, be safe, and have a good week. Chat with you later.

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  • Casey
    April 19, 2020

    I am going to try the brush cleaner.
    Glad you got your vacuum.

    • brittanyinsider
      April 20, 2020

      Yes, I needed this brush cleaner to get it over and done with

      • brittanyinsider
        April 27, 2020

        Oh my goodness!!! Today I had the chance to use it and it is the best. It was the highlight of my day…sometimes it’s the small things.

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Week 4 #StayHome Add to Cart…Checkout