Where Have I Been???

Every year my friends and I get together for a Superbowl Party in California hosted by the most loving and authentic couple. We also get to celebrate birthdays!!!

Saturday was exciting for me as we went out to Napa for a wine tasting! When doing wine tastings I would say 2 vineyards are good and 3 is the maximum. After that, it’s time to relax and enjoy the ‘mood’ you are in hahaha.

We made our reservations through the tour line Black Tie Transportation. We wanted to be sure everyone would enjoy themselves and no one had to worry about driving.











So on to the vineyards…

The first stop was Materra, Cunat Family Vineyards. We had the opportunity to sample 5 wines with a combination of whites and reds. For those of you who know me, you know that red is my favorite. Surprisingly during this tour, I did not care for the reds so I decided to purchase 2 bottles of white for future guests. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on my Wine Down Wednesdays where I share my favorite wines.













Our second stop was Bouchaine Vineyards where the view was amazing. They had a very nice outdoor seating area with the sun shining in the right spot. There was indoor seating as well however, we wanted to enjoy the nice weather outdoors. Most of us had flown from the east coast so we were looking for the sun to warm us up a bit. Here we also tried about 5-6 wines.














It was said when we first left on the tour we had 13 people. After the first stop, the person in charge of keeping count was only counting 12. I thought we had 12 to start off but they said 13. After the first stop, they counted 13 again so I said okay they must be counting the chauffeur. After the second stop, they counted 12 again and then said we are missing someone. I spoke up and said no the chauffeur makes 13 and they said they hadn’t been counting him. Hmmmm so who is missing I asked. No one could come up with who was missing so someone got off the bus to do a walk around the vineyard to see who it was. I said that I was sure that everyone has been sitting in the same seat and no one is missing. We waited around for about 5 minutes until everyone felt good about leaving as I kept saying there isn’t anyone being left behind. So it was decided that if anyone was left behind I would have to drive back out to Napa to pick them up lol.

To this day not sure how we started with 13 minus the chauffeur but no one ever called me so I think we got everybody.

Sunday was Superbowl and as always we had fun. I had plans of taking a lot of photos and videos but I truly wanted to be in the moment and enjoy friends.



This weekend I am swapped with 128 boxes to unpack as I move into my new place. So it seems for now the fun is over and I have to do the adulting thing for the next few weekends.

Until next time be good to yourself and others.

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Where Have I Been???