Say Hello to Hello Fresh!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY NEW DECADE!!! Real quick, I don’t do resolutions. I always say why put off what you can do today when tomorrow is not promised. #letthatsinkin.

I know it has been forever since we talked. After Blogmas, Christmas and 2020 came around so fast and I was so busy afterward my laptop and I couldn’t find a time to get together. That combined with posting 25 days straight I needed the break.

Now, I’m ready to catch you all up with what has been going on.

My new excitement… Hello Fresh!!!



My friend Jovial introduced me to one of the most convenient ways of preparing meals when you are short on time or just don’t want to put much thought into what to eat next. Jovial is truly a gift from God, she keeps with the times on everything and like me isn’t afraid to trial run anything. She told me about this while I was still living in Singapore and now that I’m back in the USA and moved into my new place, I’m all over it.

Hello Fresh is an online meal kit company.  The best thing about it is there is no contract or commitment. You can skip weeks and cancel at anytime time with no additional fees.

It allows you to choose from all the option below:

  • Do you want meat & veggies, low calorie, veggie, or family-friendly?
  • How many recipes do you want in the meal kit prep for the weekly delivery?
  • How many people are going to enjoy the recipes?

Once you select the above Hello Fresh will customize the meals however, there are 20 other recipes that you can pick from if you do not want any of those offered in the pre-select. You also pick the day of the week you prefer your deliveries and they will arrive between 8am and 8pm packed with special packs and insulation to keep it cool until you get home.












So now on to how I’m working it with Hello Fresh haha.

Under the offer that was sent to me, I receive 4 boxes/deliveries with 3 recipes to serve 2 people for $40 per box under the light calorie recipes. Now when I think about what I spend in the grocery store or ordering out this is a deal and saving me some coins. That is 6 meals for the week and if I want to do salads, or cook an additional meal during the week outside of Hello Fresh I am set. Even after this deal is over and the price goes to $50-$60 for 6 meals I still can’t complain when I can skip weeks and cancel when I want.

With the 3 meals I cooked this past week I found that I only needed my stove, oven, pots/pans, baking dishes, olive oil, salt, pepper, and butter. Every other spice or ingredient that was required to make the meals were included in each kit.












In the photo on the left, there were enough ingredients to serve 2 people.

It is perfect because everything is pre-measured in packets so you can’t go wrong with using too much of a spice unless you are heavy with salt.

I will admit I even went wrong and found myself rinsing off the couscous instead of the chickpeas and went so far as seasoning them with the smoked paprika salt, pepper, oil and placing them in the oven for about 1 minute before I realized what I had done. Ooooo talk about my mind being elsewhere. I managed to somewhat walk it back and still it turned out good. It ended up being my favorite meal from the box.











Now don’t judge me on my paper plate presentation. I was not in the mood to wash dishes at all during the week. The pots and baking dishes I use for these meals was enough for me.




I can’t remember the last time I roasted carrots. Oh and the oven beeped when they were done and I completely ignored it because I was focused on my chicken. I didn’t burn them though somehow my memory was jogged.

I promise I know how to cook lol. I’ve just been spoiled for the past 3 months and didn’t have to get in the kitchen.

Now for the best part…

So for those of you have been keeping up with me, you know how much I like to share.

Hello Fresh has given me 4 free boxes to gift to friends to receive a week worth of meals. I have already gifted 2 of the boxes and I have 2 more left that I want to giveaway.

As always it’s simple to win anything from Brittany Insider. The only thing you have to do is subscribe or follow and comment below what your favorite dish is to prepare.

The giveaway will close fast, Monday, 20 January 2020 as these boxes are only being offered from me to you for a limited time. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Take care and I hope your new decade has started off amazing.


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  • Casey
    January 18, 2020

    My favorite dish to prepare is potato salad.

    • brittanyinsider
      January 18, 2020

      I like my potato salad without onions lol people say I miss out on flavor but I think it taste great without the crunch

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