Blogmas 2019 Day 17: Would You Rather?

I have been noticing a couple of other bloggers doing the ‘Christmas Would You Rather’. This is Christmas themed questions where you have to pick one or the other. After reading a few I decided to share which I would rather.

Here it goes…

Would you rather get a person who is really hard to shop for during Secret Santa or have no one get your name for Secret Santa?

I would prefer to get a person who is really hard to shop for during Secret Santa. I would welcome the challenge to try and figure out what that person would appreciate.

Would you rather vacation somewhere cold or hot during the holidays?

I would rather vacation somewhere cold. I use to say I wanted to escape the heat during the holidays but now I welcome a little cold. Let me say again A LITTLE COLD haha. For the past 8 years, I’ve been in warmer climates so it was hard to get int the holiday spirit. So now I’m all about the cold weather.

Would you rather work untangling Christmas lights or work as a mall Santa?

I’m going to go with untangling Christmas lights. There is no way I can sit at the mall in a Santa suit. I’d be hot and secretly breaking down inside wanting to get out of it.

Would you rather your office always smelled like gravy or always smelled like turkey? 

Hmmmm, turkey. I think after awhile smelling gray and knowing what it is would make me nausea.

Would you rather have to cook a big holiday meal every year or have to clean up and do the dishes after the holiday meal every year?

I’d rather cook it. I don’t like to wash dishes and if my mom is anywhere around shes’ not going to let me wash the dishes. She is VERY OCD and she won’t let anyone else wash dishes except her.

Would you rather eat your own weight in chocolate or turkey?

I know my tummy is going to hurt but I’m going with chocolate. I don’t like turkey enough to even attempt that challenge.



Soooo what would you rather do?

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