Blogmas 2019 Day 16: Alpha Males

I am well aware that I am not a male, however, after my relationships, friendships, family, and male coworkers, I can give a shortlist of what an alpha male displays.


He Has A Purpose

You will never find an alpha male going along just to get along. He is not one to go through life without a purpose. If he finds himself getting off track it doesn’t take him long back to get back focused.

They are filled with motivation and determination and it shows through their overall demeanor.


He Can Control His Emotions

Every action will have a reaction. While an alpha male can’t control all actions, how he reacts speaks volumes. The last thing an alpha male will do is react in a way that could cost him the respect he has earned from others.


He Says What Is On His Mind

You will never have to wonder what he is thinking. He is very vocal and will let you know where he stands in the most respectful way.



There is no way he can be fearless but he will press forward in whatever he wants to do. Even if he feels his new idea might fail it won’t stop him from trying and learning from it regardless of the outcome.


He Is Not Afraid To Make Decisions

Not being able to make a decision because of the fear of the consequences that may follow goes along with not having courage.

Rather it’s making the decision of where to go for a dinner date, investments, or relationships in their lives, alpha males can make a decision.

Making decisions shows a leader.


A Single Thing Does Not Control His Life

Alpha males recognize that there is a balance between career, love, health, and friends.

He will never allow one to cancel out another. He makes sure he remains organized and his time is equally spent on all.


He’s Not Afraid To Say ‘No’

I don’t think I need to explain this much. I think the title says perfectly. Alpha males are not a pushover. They are going to fold and bend to someone who cries or complains because of a decision they have made for themselves. Alpha males always make sure that the decision they make is for their best interest and not for others.

Alpha males don’t say no just to be mean but because it protects them. Selfishness is underrated and it’s why a lot of times beta males (to be discussed in a later post) find themselves stuck in a lot of things they couldn’t say no to.

I respect an alpha male who can say no and avoid the risk of becoming a beta male who lives according to what others want.


He Acknowledges His Weaknesses

An alpha male who can point out his weaknesses shows that there is always room for growth. On top of acknowledging the weakness, they also work on ways to fix whatever the issue may be.


These are not all the points to an alpha male and there are definitely many more positives for an alpha male.

Women, what traits do you consider to be an alpha male?

Men, what traits do you consider to be an alpha male?

If you haven’t already, be sure to read The Alpha Female.





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