Blogmas 2019 Day 13: Wellness Gift Guide

These are the gifts for the people in our lives where they eat, breath, and sleep a healthy style of living. I can admit that is not me but I’m working on it.

Some of these items can be combined into a gift basket.

Cleansing Cloths 

These are perfect for the person who has other events to attend after a workout or hit the gym at work midday.

Yuni Shower Sheets

Image result for yuni shower sheets


Image result for clinique fit sheets





Magazine Subscription

I know everyone these days goes to the internet for information but I do know people are still taking magazines to the gym and great for airport reading. Why not gift a year subscription of a health magazine to the wellness guru in your life.

Workout Mat 

I have found while at the gym a lot of people are always looking for a mat because gyms never seem to have enough, especially if there is a class going on. A mat for the gym and those days when they opt to work out at home is perfect to gift. I’ve purchased 2 mats one from Amazon and the other from Marshall’s for less than $25.


Workout Wear/Gear

Hats, yoga socks, pants, tops, sweatbands, resistance bands, and weightlifting gloves are just a few things that those who hit the gym frequently can never have enough of.


Find a cookbook that caters to the types of meals they enjoy eating most rather its crockpot, 15 minute, vegan, or low carb.


Meal Containers

I never realized just how important it is to have a lot of meal containers on hand until I started carrying my lunch more to work. Lately, I have been using the same 2 bowls for my chia breakfast.

Bonus Ideas:

  • GNC gift card
  • Sports Massage


What are some ideas you are planning to do for the wellness gurus in your life?

If you are the wellness guru what is something that you would like to see under the tree?


12 more days…Christmas!!!


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1 Comment
  • Casey
    December 13, 2019

    I would like containers that wash out red sauce. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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