Blogmas 2019 Day 4: Alpha Females

An alpha woman steps into a room and it seems that people are somewhat shocked by her personality and the way in which she carries herself.

There is still this stereotype that women are supposed to be sensitive, weak, and ‘saved by a man’ in order to call their lives complete. It’s also said that a woman has not truly fulfilled her purpose in life if she has not yet had kids. So much so that both men and women side eye women over 30 who are not yet married and have kids. Wowzers!!!

As women start to realize their power, strength, ambition, and unwillingness to never be told they can’t do something, the alpha female emerges.

Look out world, they are a force to be reckoned with!!!

She Is Resilient

The comeback is always REAL!!! No matter how many times she gets knocked down she will always get up.  Some will go through abuse, injustice, poverty, discrimination, or other setbacks. No matter what she goes through she will persevere through it all. Optimism is always present for an alpha female.

No matter what she will never throw in the towel and give up.


She Doesn’t Give Up Easily

What an alpha woman wants an alpha woman gets. When her mind is set on something she can be very intimidating which leads to others giving her what she wants.

At times this can be seen as a negative thing instead of being seen as powerful and ambitious. Although flip the coin and a man is praised for such behavior.


She Will Make The First Move

Whether it’s a partner, car, job, and/or promotion an alpha woman will not sit around and wait for these things to come to her.

She has no issue with getting up and going out to get what she believes belongs to her. Her confidence can often be seen as her being aggressive however, she doesn’t care. She is too busy living her life!!!


She Has Ambition

Ambition is her nickname. She is setting goals and achieving them. She makes no excuses for why she can’t accomplish something in life.

She is aware that time is on no one side and you only get one chance at this thing called life. Her ambition is so strong and the only guys she’s interested in are those who can get on board.


She Has Purpose In Her Life

For an alpha woman, there is nothing like kicking behind and taking names. With her ambition and goals, she has set for herself, she remains focus and knows exactly where she is in life and where she is going.

Don’t get it twisted though, she knows how to relax and party with the best of them. After all, she has earned it.


She Has Self-Respect & Integrity

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a huge thing in her life.

She does not like to be disrespected and she makes sure that she doesn’t do it to someone else

She also makes sure that others are being treated with respect.

She Stands Up For What She Believes In

An alpha woman is ready 24/7 to stand up for what she believes in. She thinks for herself and is never silent when she has something to say.

A line is drawn for right and wrong and alpha female will let you know when you have crossed the line.

She Brings People Together

For an alpha woman, there is nothing like getting people together. She is considered the POC (point of contact) for a lot of social events. Rather it’s a party or work conference, she will always try to find common ground among the group and introduce new topics to keep conversation constantly flowing. They will also put an end to any tension and find common ground among the group. Confrontation and conflict are not in their world.

She Is Loyal To Her Crew

When an alpha woman has nothing but love and loyalty, know that she will always have your back. When you call on her she will always be there and you won’t have to ask twice.

She has very few close friends, however, in a larger group setting, she will be courteous and respectful to everyone.

She Does Not Put Other Women Down

An alpha woman does not have the time or energy for the nonsense. She knows herself, where she has been, and where she wants to go. There is no need for her to intimidate other women just because or to give herself more confidence.

She is more focused on helping other women achieve their goals when she sees the potential they possess. She has a ‘We Can All Win’ attitude and believes it’s more than enough room for everyone to have success rather it’s in her circle of friends or in the workplace.

She Has No Space In Her Life For Games

She plays no games when it comes to her family, friends, and career.

You won’t find her in any social circle of gossiping about other people. If she finds herself in this situation she will excuse herself or try to change the subject.

In her dating life, she is definitely not with the games. She does not do the passive aggression thing because she has no issue with communicating. She prefers to address any issues in a mature way by letting her partner know exactly what she likes, needs, and won’t accept. She also expects her partner to be able to do the same thing. She can’t handle someone who is going to try to discourage and hold her back from advancing. An alpha woman is also not looking to be a mother figure to her partner.

She has been through the relationship games a time or two so her chances of doing it again are slim and she is quick to recognize game.


She Can Be Alone

The loyalty she has for her inner crew is something special to her. While she has those people she is close-knit being alone is not a fear of hers. She knows that she can be just as happy when she is alone.

Whether she is dating someone or hanging out with friends for an extended period of time, there will come a time an alpha female likes to step away and reconnect with herself. Her time alone is a reset and recharge for her.

She can be alone from anywhere between shopping, going to the movie theater, and even buying a new house. At no point does she feel she has to be super glued to another human being.


Are you an alpha female?


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