A Look Back At October




A few months ago I started following @lisaoliveratherapy on IG (Instagram) and her posts are a wonderful tool for self-reflection, self- acceptance, and self-care.

Monthly she posts questions as a way to reflect on the month we are coming out of.

So here it goes with an inside look on where I’m at in life.

What am I leaving in October?

I’m leaving behind this thought in the back of my mind that keeps saying ‘what-if’. It was my what-if A happens so that can B can happen.

The problem was I couldn’t control part A.Oh I know I even said it: Brittany if B is depending on A and you can’t do a thing about A what do you think YOU are about to do.

I believe this was one of those moments where I had to accept things I couldn’t change, have the courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference. Come on now!!! You know how it is when you try to control a situation and you don’t even have the steering wheel because it’s not yours to have.

I’ll admit that the wisdom part wasn’t quite there until the month of October. I think not only was it wisdom but the things I experienced and the actions that were already shown to me that further clarified it all.

So with all that, I’m leaving the what-if in October so I can focus on the what is…can I get a hand clap from the back haha.


What is igniting me this month (November)?

I’m excited about reconnecting with family and friends. I’m FINALLY back on the same side of the world!!!

On top of going back to work after being off 27 business days (Mon-Fri) I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine. I moved from Singapore back to the US last month and have been working on settling in. It has been an adjustment for sure but being off for an extended period of time definitely helped.


What do I want to try in November?

So I really had to think about this for about 10 minutes, got distracted on something else and then came back to it. 2 hours later (Sponge Bob voice)… I have had dinner and taken a shower.

I’m not even sure how I should feel about this but I don’t have anything new that I want to try. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I have enough going on and I don’t have space or energy to add anything else. However, I told myself I better have a better answer in the next month or two haha.


How will I practice real self-care?

Exercise: I’ve taken a couple of yoga classes in the past but I really want to develop a routine. With the cold months coming up, this has to be one of the best indoor activities to start.


What do I want to make more time for in November?

Brittany Insider!!! I really want to be consistent and expand the content that I post. There are so many other topics that I want to discuss with you all.


It’s your turn to do some self-reflection and check-in with yourself.

One more thing!!! This year I am thinking about doing blogmas. Blogmas is during the month of December where I will be posting EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whewwwwwww talk about a challenge. I am looking forward to being a part of it.

If there are any topics that you would like for me to cover let me know. You can either leave in the comments below or send me an email at brittanyinsider@gmail.com


Until next time take of yourself and check in on those around you.


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A Look Back At October