Skincare Situation: GlamGlow & Belif

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So I’ve mentioned in other posts (I will link below) I have been on this ride lately of skincare products. I have really taken to improving my skin and now that I’m in my 30’s, it’s definitely no time like the present.  With that being said, here is a quick review of some products that I have been using. As always I will provide links if you decide to give them a try. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples when you go into Sephora, Ulta, and other beauty stores.


GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD® Activated Charcoal Treatment Mask

I purchased GlamGlow on the Nordstrom site when they run a sale. It was the perfect time to see what all the hype was about with GlamGlow products.

I inserted this mask into my weekly routine skincare line and started to take notes of any changes. I started off with a ‘test’ area in which I only applied to my breakouts that I was having. It did not make my breakout go away overnight but it definitely lessened the appearance and stopped my breakouts.

With this mask being so powerful I would not recommend applying this all over your face. Like most of my other mask, I only apply to my problem areas.


GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE™ Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

Most of you know my go-to cleanser is Origins: Checks and Balances. There hasn’t been another cleanser I have used since I have continued to restock this time and time again. Well, my Origins ran out and since I had purchased this set and I had success with the mask, I figured why not start using this.

I used this GlamGlow Cleanser for one week and afterward, I went on a business trip for 2 weeks. I didn’t pack the GlamGlow because I still had a travel size Origins in my toiletry bag.

So let’s go ahead and fast forward. The first official day of my business I am on my way to the gym one morning and notice my face is dry. I don’t pay it much attention, blame it on airplane travel, lack of water, etc. However, as the week goes on I notice the dryness is focused mainly around my mouth and nose area to the point where my skin wants to peel. It’s dry even after I have cleansed my face and applied my daily moisturizer. It seems as though it’s starting to get worse and I can’t figure out why even when I’m applying my Murad: Nutrient Charged Water Gel. For a week straight I am constantly applying moisturizer and can’t seem to figure out what is going on. They say when you have a breakout to remove a product one by one to figure out what might be causing the breakout. Well, I had already done it for myself when I left GlamGlow at home.

This cleanser caused me to have THE DRIEST SKIN EVER. I could not believe what 2 weeks of using this product had done to my skin.


Belif Hungarian Water Essence

This is a nice essence. I like the thickness of it and that I’m able to carry it with me during my travels and not worry that it’s going to spill in my toiletry bag. Since I have started using this almost 6 months ago, I have noticed a positive difference in my skin. I apply this essence morning and night. It’s so lightweight it’s hard to tell when it’s almost empty but I plan to repurchase this soon so I’m not without it.

Most people get essence, serum, toner, and moisturizer confused in that they all do the same thing. An essence instantly balances the skin after cleansing and toning, adding hydration and priming the skin. It helps add another layer of hydration to your skin and boost the ingredients in your products applied to your skin. It’s a lightweight, hydrating liquid, designed to help prepare skin for your moisturizer, post-cleansing. After cleansing and toning you want to apply essence.  


That’s all I have for now but I will be back to share other skincare products. Until then here are a few others to enjoy.


Moisturize Much?

Caudalie Care

In Yo’ Face 

Sigma Spa Scene




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  • Casey
    October 13, 2019

    I am interested in the essence water. I don’t use anything prior to the moisturizer.
    Thanks for sharing

    • brittanyinsider
      October 13, 2019

      You’re welcome!!! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Skincare Situation: GlamGlow & Belif