Next Stop: Chiang Rai, Thailand

After spending 4 days in Chiang Mai, Thailand I drove to Chiang Rai. Yes, I drove 3 hours to Chiang Rai. Thailand vehicles are right-hand driven and from what I can remember this was my first time driving long distance in this type of vehicle. Yes, Singapore has the same but I’ve never done as much as moving a vehicle in a parking lot.

I was nervous but when I got on the road that morning I told myself once I got out of the city I would feel better about being behind the wheel. There would be nothing but open road and I wouldn’t have to worry about the mopeds or having to remind myself what side of the road to drive on or lane to turn into when crossing an intersection.

So right before I pulled off, I told myself ‘ I got this’

I had already mapped out a few places I wanted to stop so I was in no rush to get to Chiang Rai. It was just me, open road, mountain views, and sunshine.

Y’all I was riding so good I ended up passing a place I wanted to stop at. I had to turn back around and drive back 20 minutes to see it lol. It didn’t bother me one bit because I was in no rush of trying to get anywhere fast. I was spending 2 days in Chiang Rai and given myself enough time to enjoy it.

While in Chiang Rai I stayed at Le Meridien Resort. This resort was beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who has a trip planned to Chiang Rai. It is definitely tucked away in the city and away from the busy streets and noise however, 2 turns later put you right back into the heart of Chiang Rai.  The room was HUGE and I can’t remember a time where the sleeping area, closet, bathroom, and balcony exceeded the amount of space a resort typically has. Oh wait, there was the one time my friends and I had a penthouse suite-style but that was COMPLETELY different. So I still stand in saying this room was very nice from your typical room.

Here are a few pics of me hanging out in Chiang Rai.



Somewhere between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai


The pictures will do it no justice because I think you truly have to be there to see how amazing nature is and the world in which we live. To see things that were not created by man and have such beauty will forever amaze me.


Saengkaew Phothiyan Temple


Saengkaew Phothiyan Temple


Wat Rong Khun


Wat Rong Khun


Wat Rong Khun


I could go on and on with photos but I’ll end it here. Until next time…


Wat Rong Khun

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Next Stop: Chiang Rai, Thailand