I’ve Asked The Universe For A Refund…More Than Once.

As I exist in this thing call life, I am slowly learning how to put things back into the universe that is not for me.

I can be in the middle of something and at that moment I realize 1-2-3 not it. LOL, seriously the childhood saying has come back for me. In the past I would say let me think about it, maybe I can do this or that to make it work. I found myself overextending into things that did not hold value.

There comes a point we have to realize that what we think we WANT is not what we NEED. The signs are there from the beginning we just choose to ignore them.

It’s the motivation and determination we have within ourselves. It’s that sense of not wanting to ‘give up’. Remember there are some things you shouldn’t pour that much energy into.

If we are stuck standing in front of a door that is closed how can we know when another door has opened?

I’ve become selfish in a way that doesn’t allow me to communicate with those that interfere with creating and editing the best version of myself.

I’ve learned to trust myself and be more confident in the decisions I make. When we get certain feelings inside, I think that is a part of our intuition giving us a peek into the future.

I am quick to beat myself up thinking ‘really though Brittany that’s what you decided to do?’. I’ve learned to tell myself to forget the mistakes and remember the lessons.

I have started to learn to forgive myself for decisions I have made and let me tell you that’s a rough process. It’s amazing how easy it is for us to forgive others quicker than we are willing to forgive ourselves. How is that possible when the only actions we have control over is our own?

I’ve learned to say no to things that I feel may jeopardize my happiness. If you allow something or someone to take your happiness for a second, think about what those seconds can add up to. I can tell you from experience, wasted time.

Refunds to the universe can be given at any time. What is something that you are ready to let go of?

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  • Casey
    August 31, 2019

    Oh look at you
    Trying to adult

    • brittanyinsider
      September 1, 2019

      Adulting is not a game. There is no dress rehearsal on life. I strive to make sure that my next move is my best move because it takes just as many moves to walk it back.

Moisturize Much???
I’ve Asked The Universe For A Refund…More Than Once.