Taking A Walk Down Random Road

My goodness, when was the last time I did this? I feel like it has been forever which means it has been too long.

I have been crazy busy with work and handling #lifegoals. Can’t forget my usual life stuff like the nail and hair salon, happy hours with friends, and of course vacations.

The other life stuff like cleaning, and grocery shopping are such big chores in this thing called adulting.

Anyway, here I am with things that have been going on in my life lately.

  • Wine Choices
    • Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
    • L’Autantique Sauvignon 2017 – this is good for a party when looking for a wine that everyone can enjoy


  • Have you ever left tissue in the pocket of your jacket and then put it in the washer machine? DON’T!!! Of course, you wouldn’t do it on purpose but just remember to check all your pockets. I am doing my third load of laundry after this incident and tissue is still transferring from the washer to the dryer. Things that need to air dry, I give it one good shake and the smallest pieces are falling onto the floor. Ughhh, when is it going to go away!!!


Image result for Qilunn Women Studded Bow Flip Flops Jelly Thong Sandals Rubber Flat Summer Beach Rain Shoes

  • You know your shopping game is strong when you start packing a carry-on to fit everything you need for a trip just to CHECK-IN an empty large suitcase just so you can shop with no worries of not having enough space to get it all back.


  • I say rock, paper, scissors. I learned while chilling by the pool some people say scissors, paper, stone.


  • Best vacation quote to date:
    • Me: Karon, in the morning we are going to the gym. We will work out on vacation. We have to get better with this gym thing and make it part of our lifestyle.
    • Karon: Sounds like a game plan to me. I’m not going to say game changer but definitely a game plan.


  • You know we are in a world of social media and selfies when restaurants provide selfie sticks at the tables. The waiters/waitresses say they tired of taking y’all pics.



Until next time…

Don’t Expect To See A Change If YOU Don’t Make One


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1 Comment
  • Casey
    August 11, 2019

    Like those flip flops
    Lol at the laundry story

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Taking A Walk Down Random Road