Smashbox Triple Combo

I’ve had this for quite some time but I couldn’t bring myself to use it because I have been loving my Too Faced Primer & Setting Spray. So why did I purchase the Smashbox if I felt I found the perfect setting spray? Easy, it was on sale haha. I’m talking 50% off on a special that Ulta was having early this year. I’m talking about January, yes, that is how long this has been sitting in makeup stash.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

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When I walked into Ulta the day the sale started on this it seemed to be a big deal. I had not paid much attention to the Smashbox primer water in the past as I had been stuck on others. When I went to ask the sales associate about it she was even surprised that I didn’t own it or had even sampled it and even asked what I was currently using.

I’ve now been using this for over a month and it really is a good setting spray. It’s described as being a 3-in-1 just like Too Faced. Smashbox says this can be used to prime, set and refresh the face. I haven’t tried to prime and refresh with it however, the job of setting my makeup is A+. I think the only thing that was an adjustment was the spray nozzle. It doesn’t quite give that same mist effect the way Too Faced does, however, it does mist better than other primers I have used. I had considered switching the primer water into a different bottle or changing the nozzle but I think now that I’ve been using I’ve learned that I just can’t go mashing it all crazy lol.

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  • Caso
    August 3, 2019

    I may have to give this one a try

    • brittanyinsider
      August 3, 2019

      I was definitely surprised by it. I didn’t think I would ever use anything else other than Too Faced. I even carry it when I travel.

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Smashbox Triple Combo