Sydney, Australia – Opera House Hangin’

My friend, Karon had 2 things she had to check off while in Sydney. Purchase some UGGS and go to the Opera House. Before she arrived I did a bit of research with our hotel, Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay and they offered a tour of the Opera we could book with them.

So I have always seen pics of the Opera House online but I will admit I had no idea the significance of it to Australia or any history behind it. This tour cleared it all up for me and what a story. If you haven’t read or heard the history of the Opera House be sure to check it only. Orrrrr go to Sydney, Australia and experience it up close and personal. The architecture alone is just amazing.



After our tour, we believed it was only right that we went to the Opera Bar. The drinks were on point and the food was good.


It was also the perfect spot to watch a Sydney sunset and the moon ‘clock in’ simultaneously over the Harbour Bridge. Coupled with the music selection by the live band this day in Sydney was a great way to start the trip.



We ended the night by checking off the 2 things for Karon, UGG boots and the Opera House. We had also planned to go to the mall but we never made it. I became distracted by another store on the way and the sale had my attention.

I will share a few of the items I purchased in the near future.

Next up…Sydney wildlife, climbing to new heights, and unforgettable views.

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Sydney, Australia 2019!!!
Sydney, Australia – Opera House Hangin’