Sydney, Australia 2019!!!

So this how it went via text message…

Me: I’m taking July 4th weekend off from work. I plan to be out of the office that Friday after.

Friend: Me too and I might take that Monday.

Me: You know what? That’s a good idea. I was going to say the Wednesday before July 4th, but that sounds even better.

Friend: What you have planned for that weekend?

Me: Nothing but I know I won’t be at work lol.

Friend: I don’t have anything planned either but I’ll come up with something.

Me: Well, if you want company let me know.

Friend: I don’t want to pick somewhere you have already been.

Me: How about we meet up in Sydney, Australia? You know my trip was canceled last time because of work.

Friend: Australia, here we come!!!

If you have never been to Sydney, Australia put it at the top of your list now. No really go to your vacation list and put it above wherever you thought you were going next. I already have it back on my list for next year with a few other stops in Australia. I normally wouldn’t repeat a country so soon however, I’d like to spend 2 weeks in Australia.

This trip was amazing!!! I enjoyed everything about it and that includes the weather that was mid 60’s. Living in Singapore near the equator it is nothing but hot and humid all day every day. So I was looking for the chance to wear a long sleeve T and sneakers.

So here I am to share a bit of my trip.

We slept in a bit on our first day as Sydney is 3 hours ahead of mine and my friends time zone. We were in no rush so we weren’t tripping when we rolled over and the clock told us it was after 10am. We said perfect we’ll be dressed and just in time for lunch haha.

For most of day one, or at least what was left of it, we decided to spend it at Bondi Beach. Although the weather was cooler and we couldn’t get in the water, it was walking the coastline that I really wanted to do. I had heard it was a beautiful walk and of course I wanted to go see for myself.

Right before we decided to walk Bondi Beach coastline we went to Fonda. Fonda is a Mexican restaurant that we both enjoyed.




Photo Credit: Karon M.





photo credit: Karon M.


We also had a chance to see some really cool artwork.





FYI: this artwork was drawn on the wall horizontally!!! I did not alter the layout of the photo. If I had this type of talent…


After our trip to Bondi Beach we made our way back the CBD (Central Business District) area where we were staying, Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay. We made plans to go to the mall that evening but we never made it because there were 2 stores that stopped us on our way there.

Oh, you already knew there was going to be shopping involved. Shopping is one of the top 3 reasons why I travel.

Stay tuned to see what store grabbed my attention and had me spending coins.

Is there anyone out there that has been to Sydney. What was your favorite thing to do or favorite place to eat?



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Sydney, Australia 2019!!!