Self Check-In​ For You and I​

For the past few days, I have gone back and forth trying to think of a Q&A session that I can do here with you all. Well, this morning my friend LaToya was right on time with the IG message. She sent me a snapshot of mid-year reflection questions (posted by @lisaoliveratherapy). I quickly skimmed through the questions as I was at work and knew this was it.  Here are a few that I chose to reflect on.


Mid-year Reflection Questions


How has 2019 been for me so far?

This year so far has been amazing!!!


What am I learning and unlearning?

I am learning to forgive myself. We are our own worse critics and naturally, I can be hard on myself for decisions I have made that I may not have felt was in my best interest. Mistakes are apart of life but it’s the lesson that we take from them is what counts.

I am unlearning the need to always be there for people. I use to be that person who would cut time out of my life to give to others because I felt they needed it more. What it took me a while to realize was that I wasn’t valued the same.


What have I let go of that has lightened the load?

I have let go of fillers in my life. For every action and thought, I want it to possess something positive.


How have I cared for and nourished myself?

I really take the time to do a self-check on myself. I regularly check in with myself to be sure I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually balanced. The same way cars need tune-ups, so do I.


What has brought me the most joy? The most challenge?

Can I say it’s my happiness that has brought me the most joy? I think it makes complete sense. When you are truly living in your happy it is an incredible feeling that you have with yourself.

Surprisingly, the people and things that I almost allowed to block my own happiness. I think when you have your happiness there are so many life events that you can’t control that may come your way to try and steal your happiness. While you can not control life events, you can control how you respond to them.


What do I think I want to cultivate in the second half of 2019?

To be able to fully respond to the changes that I know are soon to come in my life. While I am excited about the new chapters in 2019 I am also a bit nervous or anxious if I will be able to respond in a way that I can make myself proud.

I want to continue to cultivate the positive energy that I have around me so that I am able to receive all the benefits from standing in such a good place.

I want to cultivate self-encouragement for other interests and ideas that I have.


As we continue to move through 2019 be sure to take time and reflect back on how YOUR year has unfolded. Feel free to take some time and try to answer some of these questions for yourself. I think questions such as these can really get you into gear and finally set that goal that you have had since 2019 came into existence.

One reason people don’t set goals is that they don’t want to hold themselves accountable and have already decided they are going to fail. Don’t be one of those people, they never truly live life to the fullest.

I want you to really take note of where you’ve been, where you are at now, and where you’d like to go. Let’s close out 2019 the way we said we wanted it to be.



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Self Check-In​ For You and I​