Looking for Liners?

Looking for everyday nude lip liners? I know exactly which ones you should purchase.

These line up directly to my comfort zone (get it?- line up). I tried lol.

ColourPop – BFF2

BFF2 is ALWAYS sold out so you have to be on your A game when trying to catch the availability of this one. Now that I have a few other nude lip liners I am not in rush yet reorder. However, I am getting a bit nervous as the size of mine is now the length of my pinky.


BFF Pencil 2 mid-tone nude lip liner


ColourPop – BFF3

This is the lip liner I like to use when I want to create a bit of my dimension or depth to my pink of pinkest lip shades.


BFF Pencil 3 deep nude lip liner


Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner – Hot Sauce

This color is described as a matte dirty rose. I like to call it the perfect color next to my own lip color.


SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Gel Lip Liner Image 2


There you have my current top 3 favorite nude lip liners. I can easily use each of these in a week depending on the lip color I am wearing that day.

What are some of your favorite nude lip liners?


*all lip liner photos from ColourPop.com and Sephora.com

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Looking for Liners?