Vacation In Vietnam : Hoi An

The next morning we made our way to Hoi An. Hoi An translates as ‘peaceful meeting place’. I can’t deny, it is definitely a peaceful place. The moment we started to tour the city it instantly became my favorite place on the entire trip and we still had another city to visit.

Our tour guide, Cong, took us to lunch and this place is now in my top 10 of restaurants I have eaten at around the world. The ambiance and decor had me drawn in. I could easily go back there and know that I’d enjoy it over and over. Just telling you all about it I’m looking on my calendar trying to see how I can sneak away from work for a couple of days to experience it all over again.








After lunch, we had a chance to walk around the city and get the lay of the land before we had a chance to site see for ourselves. I could have walked around this city for days. This scene could never get old for me. It’s like a secret city tucked away and has everything you’ll need for a mental and physical recharge from the hustle of your day to day life.

We walked through the local market with souvenirs, apparel, fruit stands, etc. Ohhh yes there were fruit stands that offered to peel and cut the fruit you purchase so you could enjoy it as you walked the city. So you already know I had to get in on that and get some mango while also trying new fruits I had never eaten before. If we had fruit stands such as these in America, they’d take all my money. I’m always down to eat fruit but I don’t like having to cut it up lol.





I signed up for a workshop with 2 other ladies to learn how to make the lanterns. Many vendors were selling them but I found it much more meaningful that I had a chance to make my own. Yes, I plan to display this in my condo, I’m proud of my lantern!!!






For dinner, Tiana and I decided to eat at Bahn Mi Phuong where Anthony Bourdain called it the best place to have a Bahn Mi. Yeap, it was good and I could have had more but I just had to order fries and those made me full. Can you believe my sandwich only cost .87, less than $1!!!!! Again, I have to visit Hoi An and spend a few more days.



Hoi An was my stop for shopping!!! Here is where you have the opportunity to have anything custom made. Suits, dresses, tops, shoes, and jackets. You think of it, show them a picture and they will get it done. Our tour guide, Cong, recommended a place to us. While traveling through the rest of Vietnam by boat, train, and bus I had time to game plan what I wanted by the time we arrived in Hoi An.

I ordered a couple or 4 dresses and a blazer. I went in only ordering 2 dresses and a blazer, HOWEVER, after the first fitting I added 2 more dresses. Soooo what had happened was they knew I was headed to Ho Chi Minh city for 2 days and they guaranteed they would deliver it all to me there at my hotel. I had ordered additional pieces so they were going to take a little more time. I’m sure some you are giving the side eye thinking: you paid these people and left town and had faith in getting your stuff? Guess what…. shout out to Blue eye Tailor on Le Loi Street for delivering my clothes in Ho Chi Minh city!!!!

If you missed Sapa, Halong Bay, or Hue now is your chance to catch up.


PS- I will be showing you my dresses in the future



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Vacation In Vietnam : Hoi An