Vietnam Adventures: Hue

After spending the last 24 hours in Halong Bay on a boat, we boarded a train for a 12-hour ride to Huế. We were 4 ladies to a sleeper car. At this point in the trip, the bonds had started to form so it was like having a slumber party!!! We played games and laughed endlessly. As women from different walks of life, we had the chance to sit and talk about our walks in life and how we were in that exact spot at the moment on a train in Vietnam. Then we screamed at the bugs that started to crash our party until we turned the lights out to avoid knowing what else was lurking. We definitely sprayed around our beds and room to protect us during the night. Tiana covered her mouth with her cover up in fear one might try to go in during the night lol. It’s funny now but at the time not so much.

I packed my own sheet and pillow cover. No matter how much I want to try and rough it, I’m such a girly girl.






  • Huế was the capital of Vietnam for 150 years
  • Huế cuisine is that of Central Vietnamese cuisine, however, this city delivers vegetarianism like no other city.



We arrived in Huế at 11am, freshened up a bit and made our way to to the house of  3 generations for lunch before touring the palaces. In Huế the women learn to become master chefs and cook every single meal in the house.  Lunch was amazing and the vegetarian dishes had me thinking I might be able to switch teams.




In the evening after the sun had gone down a group of us headed out to a carnival that had local vendors set up with booths with everything from food to apparel to home decor.





After the carnival, we called it a night as we had to get up early in the morning for our bike ride through the city. During the bike ride, we stopped at a morning market, had a vegan lunch and had the chance to visit more sites.














To read how this trip all started: Part 1 and Part 2,  


Next stops Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.














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Vietnam Adventures: Hue