My Current Flame

I’m pretty sure that I light a candle every single day of the week. I don’t know what it is but candles have a way of making me feel relaxed. I’m sure the scents play a huge part but even when I first light candle I immediately transition into a calm state of mind.

A few months ago Bath & Body Works had a sale on their 3 wick candles and I had to cap myself at a dozen. I ordered either a dozen or 10, somewhere in that range.

I don’t burn a candle until it’s completely gone, I rotate on a constant basis so this is the reason for my need of multiple candles. Yeap I said it and I believe it to be true.

Here are just a few that I’ve been enjoying lately.





Of course, I would have a wine themed candle. This delivers a sweet and fruity scent that isn’t overpowering. I like to light this candle in my bedroom, bathroom, or cloffice (closet/office).



The scent of this candle is very bold so I recommend lighting it in a large area such as a living room or in a space that allows it to travel to other parts of your home.

I’m one to enjoy the scent of men’s cologne or that dark bold musk scent so this was a yes for me, I currently have mine on my coffee table in the center of my living room.

Ladies, this would be a nice candle for your bae/boo. It gives off a scent that I think even guys would appreciate.



The pink jar grabbed my attention so quickly. I then read what the scent was and then I was sold. Pink Rose Petals, Pound Cake, and Vanilla Glaze sound like the perfect aroma for a Saturday afternoon combined with a cool breeze or a Sunday afternoon while cleaning up the house. I would even like this candle during a moment of cupcake baking just to intensify the aroma in the kitchen.

As it also says ‘tea cake’ so why not burn this while also enjoying your favorite cup of tea.



Guest bathroom or bedroom you can’t go wrong, Who doesn’t want a candle that delivers relaxation. This is even a nice change up for me from the lavender candles that I normally burn in my bedroom.



This is a masculine scent but is very very clean. The combination of the sandalwood tonka bean and sage come across strong but is not overpowering. It is able to spread through many rooms in my condo and linger for quite some time after I have put the candle out.

Another suggestion for the men in your life who need a candle to freshen up their place.


What are your current flames?

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My Current Flame