Travel:​ What to Pack in Carry – On Luggage

It is crazy talk when I hear people say ” I don’t like to have a carry-on.” How can you function on an airplane without a carry-on? Don’t answer that because I won’t ever try.

As I have said before I L-O-V-E to travel. With all the travel that I do, I like to believe that I now know how to properly pack a carry-on that covers me from wheels up to wheels down. My carry-on can even take me past wheels down if my luggage is delayed, I have learned the hard way.

The time has now come where summer travel will start for a lot of people. Here are a few items to consider for your carry – on.

Pack a jacket or scarf

I always travel with a jacket and/or scarf. The temperature of airplanes can get very cold and make for a long trip if you are freezing. Also for your tropical vacations near the beach, the water can bring cool weather in the evenings.


Pack an outfit

I like to have an outfit in my carry-on just in case my luggage misses my flight/temporarily misplaced during layovers. I do not want to go out and buy clothes when I can avoid it. I have had a situation where both pieces of luggage were delayed for 2 days.  I usually pack 2 tops and 1 bottom or 2 dresses and underclothes. Pack clothes that are comfortable and you don’t mind wearing for a day or two.


Keep Your Electronics Together

It wasn’t always like this but now I have times where I have my laptop, iPad, 2 phones, and my camera. For shorter trips, I try to leave my laptop (#workinprogress). It is never a good feeling when you think you have left a charger to a device. Putting all electronics together also ensures that everything is taken care of and not being damaged by other items.


Do Not Put Valuables in Checked Bag

HUGE MISTAKE!!! You no longer have eyes on that checked bag so why pack something in it you may not see again? Jewelry, extra cash, electronics, or anything with sentimental value you should put in your carry-on.



Be sure to pack snacks that you are going to want for your ride just in case the airline is not serving snacks/meals or it turns out you don’t want to eat it.


Bonus Tips

Pack your perfume but remember 3 fluid ounces or less. My current favorite is Miss Dior.

Pack together:  passport, hotel information, phone numbers/address of POC’s (you never know when technology will fail you), and confirmation of the booked activities.

Pack magazines in place of your iPad.

Pack facial wipes/spray and sanitizer/wipes.

If you are looking for ways on how to budget for a vacation click the link.


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Travel:​ What to Pack in Carry – On Luggage