An American Marriage

I don’t think there is any way that I can do this book justice in this review that I am going to give. I have been slow on writing this review because I wasn’t sure which way to approach it. Now at this point, there ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

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I started this book on one of many travels and as the pilot flew the plane through the darkness, there I was curled up in my seat with overhead light with emotions going every which a way. This book is based around a newlywed African American couple that lives in the wife’s hometown of Atlanta. Celestial (the wife) is an only child raised by her parents in an upper-class society while Roy is also an only child and raised by his working-class parents.

In reading this book I felt so much familiarity that at times I could only laugh. I felt like I knew Celestial and Roy and probably for good reasons of being able to point out a few people I could call Celestial or Roy.

Celestial and Roy have been married just over a year when they take this weekend trip, get into an argument about Roy keeping secrets and as fast as you can turn the page Roy has been falsely accused of rape and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

I know that was a lot but let me tell you this story will only continue to suck you in as the story takes on a different narrative with the couple writing letters back and forth to each during the time that Roy is serving in prison.

Y’all these letters that they wrote back and forth to express the love they had for each other…

There is another character in this story, Andre, who is Celestials’ childhood friend. Ummm hmmm I’m going to leave that right there and let you learn about him on your own.


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