My Weekday Night Routine

If I make myself, which can be a challenge, I am out of the office no later than 6 PM. By the time I get home, it’s 6:30 PM.


Shower Time

The moment I walk into the house I go straight to the shower. I have to wash the day off before I can even begin to relax. I can be extra hungry and I will make myself wait until after I shower. Between commuting to work, being in the office and around so many people I feel dirty. In my mind, I don’t want to spread anything in my place I may have picked up outside the home.



I usually have something prepped so at the most it takes me about 30-45 minutes to complete dinner. I am someone who can eat the same thing over and over for a while without getting tired of it. Two meals and salads in between have me set for the week. After dinner, I clean the kitchen and pack whatever food is I plan on taking to work the next day or I prep my breakfast bowl.

Mellow Mode

Now it’s time for me to start taking it down a notch so I can get ready for bed. Depending on what’s on my calendar what I do for the next 2/2.5 hours. So my time here I can be:

  • finishing up some blogs posts I started
  • reading my book of the month
  • YouTube surfing
  • Netflix – at most I may get in 2 episodes as I hardly don’t watch tv. I don’t even use my tv as ‘background’ noise. If I’m not watching it, the tv is not on.



10 PM it is lights out for me. If I can I will try to get in the bed by 9:30 PM just so I can get as much sleep as I can.  With my morning routine, I need to be in bed early.


What is your night routine?


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