Before the holidays I noticed that my Beats headphones and cellphone had decided they were going to play volume games on me. I say this meaning the volume on my Beats was going up and down whenever it felt like it and I could not figure out how to fix it. I thought once I got myself a new phone for Christmas this fixed the problem…wrong. Just last week the volume issue started back up again. I went online and read you have to do some update to the headphones but of course, I had no luck with that because my ability for stuff like that is limited. Anything involving a troubleshoot, download, upload, the install has to be written in THE simplest terms or I probably won’t achieve before I give up.

So with that being said, I started to explore the option of buying Airpods or Bose wireless headphones. Well, the decision was made for me when I lost my Beats at the thought of replacing them. I am not one to lose things so this just goes back to my focus not being where it should be.

Anyways, I lost them Friday evening and Saturday afternoon I was at Apple buying the Airpods. Sunday I was boarding a plane for a business trip with a layover prior to my destination. As I went through security, bought a smoothie/pretzel, (Auntie Anne’s got me) I found myself taking one pod out and putting it down my shirt. Yeap I was that lady, in a crowded airport, I just didn’t want to keep opening my bag.

So on my last go-round of putting it down my shirt, I told myself to stop doing it before I lost it. I was having this thought and doing the action while entering the lounge at my layover. Somewhere between entering the lounge and using the restroom, did you guess right? I lost one of the ear pods. I came out of the restroom and realized I only had on in my ear. I retraced my steps in the lounge and it was nowhere to be found. I went into the restroom and nope, one of my pods was gone. I spent about 10 minutes in the lounge 5 of those digging through my purse looking for this tiny pod.

It was time to board and I had to accept I had lost it just that fast. Now, I’m mad at myself. I check my purse at least 2 more times before the flight takes off and nothing. While in flight I checked the percentage of my one and only Airpods but it is picking up the remaining charge of the right pod I had lost. How can it pick up the signal of the right pod that was now lost? I couldn’t understand it but during the flight, I had accepted I’d be back at Apple to replace that 1 pod I had misplaced.

I get to my hotel, check in and make my way to my room and start getting settled in. What happens next? I found my missing Airpod!!!! Don’t ask me where it was, just be happy for me.  Trust me you don’t want to know.

Just know that now I put those Airpods where they belong when they aren’t in my ears.

Enjoy your week and remember everything has a place it belongs. LOL

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