My Weekday Morning Routine

Mornings have never been my favorite and have always been a struggle for me. Getting out of the bed is so HARD. However, I have found ways to compromise with it because obviously, it isn’t going anywhere. Of course, there are still days when I can just as easily persuade myself to roll over and get in another hour or 3 of sleep.

I have found what works best for me is to have time for myself in the mornings. No no like truly have time for myself where I do something for myself. In the past, I found that I would wake up in just enough time to get dress, grab my breakfast/lunch and run out the door wanting time to slow down so I can be on time for work.

My current routine I have has been working great but I also know I can improve it and try to give myself more time for ME.

Rise N Shine?!?!

My alarm clock is set for 5:00 AM Monday – Friday. I usually lay there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out if my hours of sleep were cut short as a cruel joke. This is almost my time to check for any IMPORTANT texts that I may have missed during the night while my phone is on do not disturb. I am more than +10 hours ahead from my family and friends so when their day is starting I am on my way to bed. If it is an emergency, I do have a VIP list of people who can call me and my phone will ring.

After brushing my teeth and washing my face…

Gym Time

5:30 AM I walking out the door to the gym. My condominium complex has a complete gym so I have a 2-minute walk. I like to be working out no later than 5:45/ 6:00 AM so that I get a full 60 minutes. I listen to music while in the gym. I am not one of those people who can watch a show, read, or listen to a podcast. I don’t like to hear anyone talking in the morning and I can’t focus on a book if I am on a machine. I also don’t engage with social media and I try to stay away from text messages. I want this time to truly dedicate my energy and focus on my health, and I believe outside factors can play a part that can be not in the best way.

Condo Comfort

7 AM I am walking in the door to my condo and I either sit out on my balcony or sit on my living room floor to have more time for myself. I allow myself 30 minutes to do whatever it is that I want to do. This varies between:

  • read my planner for things I wrote down to do before I go to work
  • responding to emails/text messages
  • surfing social media
  • reading a book

making my way to my room it’s

Shower Time

7:30 – 8:00 AM I am taking a shower and doing my morning facial/body routine. After leaving the gym I find it extra important that my face is cleansed properly from the sweat. Depending on my mood I have music playing or I’m still in silent.

If I have music on I’m having a teeny tiny dance party which says I’m starting to join the world lol. This also gives me a chance to listen to any new music.

If I am in silence I am usually evaluating my current status in the world and thinking of whatever seems to be in the front of my mind at the time. My thoughts range from goals I want to achieve to pep talks I’m telling myself to stop letting something bother me.

As the clock ticks 8:00 AM I pick up the pace a bit and start

Getting Dressed & Packing Up

8:00 – 8:30 I am getting dressed and applying my makeup. I also pack my tote bag with my planner, breakfast, lunch, and anything else I’ll need for the day. If I am trying to catch up with family and friends and it requires a phone call I’ll do it during this time as well. At 8:30 AM I am walking out the door and walking through the door to my office at 9 AM.

I discovered that I am in a better mood when I went in late to work one day due to condo maintenance. The extra hour I had really gave me the time to wake up and ‘settle’ into a good space.

When I walk through the door now at work I’m not easily annoyed when I am approached by co-workers who are obviously ready to work. Some of them are morning people and others have been there at least an hour and had the chance to get themselves together.  I never showed it but I was feeling annoyed/irritated because early in the morning I couldn’t handle the talking. I was actually thinking to myself – Why are you talking to me right now? LOL I know crazy right!!!!

Those 30 minutes I give myself is working and I’d like to be able to get that to an hour but I can’t see myself waking up any earlier. I’m thinking if I can be in the gym and in motion by 5:30 AM and out of the gym by 6:30 then I will have an hour for myself. That is a big step for me to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. I have thought about moving my phone to my window seal so it forces me to get out the bed. But oooooo the attitude I am going to have with myself the first time I do that to myself.

How does your morning look? Do you have time for yourself?

Until next time…be good to yourself.

Check out my last post for self-care tips.



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  • Casey
    February 23, 2019

    Hmm..I too am not a morning person in the sense of a lot of noise. I am Blessed for another day and that’s meditation time before heading to the shower. Most times I play some inspirational music to get me started.
    I seem to get sidetracked by doing other things that are not related to me advancing towards getting out the door work. Something I am working on.

    • brittanyinsider
      February 23, 2019

      Music is a good way to get you started. Give yourself a to do list of what you’d like to accomplish. When you get sidetracked stop yourself long enough to write it down and come back to it that evening when you return from work or for the next morning. Focus only on what you want to truly accomplish in the morning.

Love Always, YOU
My Weekday Morning Routine