Skincare Scene: Korres Wild Rose Serum

It seems lately that the skincare scene is promoting a lot of products based around roses. Or maybe I’m just late to the party??? Either way, I’m here now and I’m loving it.

As I’ve been working to improve my skincare routine, I realized that I wasn’t applying a daytime serum. A serum that could brighten dark spots and improve the texture of my skin. So it was only right that I jumped on the internet and researched what was out there.

KORRES-Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum

Babbbyyyy let me tell you I had forgotten just how much this serum was until I decided to share it with you all. Without a doubt, I can say I purchased this either during Sephora VIB sale or I used a $25 coupon that I received. I know there is no way I convinced myself to spend the full price, I just know it.

Note: Since I have started focusing on skincare my coins for shoes and clothes has drastically decreased. I have decided that I have to invest in my skin, as it is more important (I still get a little sad from time to time).

Prior to purchasing this, I was only using Belif as a night mask to reduce my dark spots. I wanted something that I could also apply during the day.

This serum is good for all skin types as the primary use is to reduce the appearance of dark spots, dullnes, and skin discolorations. It didn’t take long for me to notice ( a few weeks) a difference in my skin during the day.

When applying this be sure to shake the bottle prior to use. My first time using it I had it going everywhere because I didn’t mix the pink wild rose oil and the brightening ingredients with the water. I apply this to my face and allow it to soak into my skin before I apply my SPF daily moisturizer.

Althought it is an oil, I have no problems with putting my makeup on after the serum and my moisturizer.

Have you found a serum that helps with dark spots? If you haven’t try this serum. Of course, I recommend when you can apply a coupon however, if you are looking to treat your skin sooner it’s worth it.


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Skincare Scene: Korres Wild Rose Serum