Skincare Review: Belif

In the last 6 months, I have been ordering skincare products. I am going through this period of wanting to focus on the improvement of my skin. Nothing wrong with that right?

Belif – First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask


I ordered Belif 6 months so this review is due.  I like to wait 2-3 months of using a product to be sure that my review is based off more than just a few uses.

This brightening mask is made to give you a radiant look in the morning and it has all the necessary ingredients to do just that. Now that I have been using this for quite some time I can say that I do notice the difference in my skin. Not only does my skin give a radiant and fresh look it has also improved the appearance of dark spots on my face.

When I do what I am suppose to do I apply this cream 3 times a week at night before bed. A little goes a long way as I am still using the same jar going into month 7 of having this product. Of course I already have another jar in my skincare stash.

What are some brightening mask that you use?

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Skincare Review: Belif