Weekend Wrap Up – Seattle City!!!

Hey y’all!!! How was your weekend? I hope it had all the excitement and fun that you were expecting, or was just as relaxing if that was your plan.

My weekend was fun-filled and I am in recovery on a Monday.

I am in Seattle visiting my friend Heather of 10 years that I haven’t seen in about a year and a half. Soooo we had a lot of catching up to do and in between that we ran around the city of Seattle.

We started off Friday morning having ourselves elevated in the air at 520 feet. We went to the Space Needle which is 605 feet high. Now I have ridden roller coasters back in the day and I ride my fair share of airplanes, but this was completely different.


Space Needle


It’s a different feeling at the Space Needle when you are standing on a 360- degree view enclosed by glass windows and the seating area reflects that of the windows as well. When the elevator doors opened I had no choice but to step out otherwise no one else would be able to get out. If I were in the back I may have stayed on as long as I could. Maybe even rode back down and came back up with the next group so I could get my mind right.

After a few moments, I was able to get myself together and enjoy the view.


After Space Needle we went up to Kerry Park suggested by my friend Jovial .

From Kerry Park, you can see the Seattle skyline and the Space Needle. Just a bit of advice, don’t try to talk to Kerry Park. For some reason, we thought we could but someone advised it was not a good idea so we called a Lyft. Soooo glad that we did…I wouldn’t be able to share these pics now had we tried to walk. Why? We would not have made it up the hills that looked like mini mountains.



Chihuly Garden & Glass

This was definitely worth the visit and the art on display was absolutely beautiful. I purchased a few postcards and a print that I plan to frame for my bedroom.


For the past month, I have been having a taste for a seafood boil and this one was right on time. We went to Crawfish King and it was delicious. It reminded me of being at Aunt house in the summers and having our own seafood boil in the backyard. Just in case she is reading, Crawfish King was really good but Aunty your skills on the seafood are way better.

Seafood Boil

We ended our evening at Target. For those of you who know you already know what it is.

Saturday we went out to Woodinville Wine Country.

Fidelitas – Latin for faithful, loyal and true

Led by owner and veteran Washington State winemaker Charlie Hoppes, Fidelitas is faithful to Bordeaux style wines; loyal to modern craft winemaking techniques; and true to the Washington State Red Mountain terroir.

I chose to try this winery because another winery suggested that it was one of the best at Woodinville Wineries. I think another winery being able to give props to another says a lot. There were also many reviews of others who visit frequently and have enjoyed each visit.

My friend purchased a bottle of Chardonnay and Semillon.

I enjoyed my visit and became a member of Fidelitas where I can now receive 2 shipments a year of their wines with no membership fee.

Novelty Hill Januik

I would call this place more of a winery bar.  The atmosphere gives off a bar vibe but more laid back. They have an outdoor patio area and plenty of seating both inside and outside. Sitting outside during the winter months is an option as they have outdoor heaters. They even have a fireplace inside with additional seating.

Columbia Winery

Columbia winery offers both a tasting room and dining area. We went to the tasting room and Casey did an excellent job of sharing her knowledge of wines to include those on the tasting menu. Heather is more of a white wine drinker and while the menu offered more red than white, Casey was able to alternate the menu a bit to ensure Heather enjoyed the experience.

At this winery, I purchased a bottle of Viognier and 3 candles.

I enjoyed all 3 wineries as they all gave a different flavor with the tastings and atmosphere.



Oh, and at the end of the day Target location #2.


Sunday we got up early and made our way down to Pike Place Market.

My awesome friend Jovial came through again with another amazing recommendation and we headed to Biscuit Bitch for breakfast. If you visit, just remember where you are and be ready. For half a second I forgot and so at a point in time when one of the employees greeted my friend and me as bitches I wasn’t allllll the way ready.


After Biscuit Bitch, Heather and I continued on to the Underground Tour. It’s a tour that is a must-do as it gives the history of Seattle in a way you never thought a city came to exist.


From there we went to the Gum Wall and strolled through the market.



We made other stops on our Sunday stroll but at the end of the day we closed it out with…you guessed it, Target #3.

Look, Heather understands my obsession with Target and she was not forced to feed my addiction. Thank you, Heather, for understanding.


My time in Seattle has been nothing but fun and I would definitely come back and visit. I plan for my next visit to be in the warmer months so I can spend twice as much time outdoors enjoying the amazing scenery.

Any recommendations for my spring/summer trip? Let me know.



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Weekend Wrap Up – Seattle City!!!