Good Habits + Goals = Success

Do you set goals? I set A LOT of goals.

It’s easy to set a goal but the act of going after and accomplishing it is where the challenge comes in.

We all have habits and they can either help or hurt us achieve goals that we set. I think to achieve goals there are habits that we must change otherwise we will hold ourselves back. If we change enough habits, eventually every goal that follows will be easier to achieve.

It has been said it takes 21-30 days to develop or dismiss something. Of course, in the beginning, it is going to bring you out of your comfort zone, and that is not a bad thing. It is obvious that the habits you currently posses are not the best to have so why not try something new.

How to Form New Habits

  • Decide what positive thing you want to add in your life, and think about the habits that should go along with it.
  • From these habits pick ONE and fully commit to it. Don’t worry about trying to do them all at once. Pick ONE habit and set a weekly goal to do it 3/4 times that week and build up from that point.
  • Track your progress. I find that when I write stuff down in my planner I hold myself more accountable for it when I know I’m recording my efforts.
  • Develop a support system that will be there to cheer you on and put you back on track. If they are wanting to achieve a goal, make it a challenge.
  • If you don’t meet your goal, ask yourself where you lacked and make adjustments for the outcome you want next time. Don’t give up!!!

Once you have adopted good habits, GOAL TIME.

Here are some benefits of goals that I have found within in my own life.

  • Life Control – goals make you gain control over your life. You are forced to take one road versus another and you don’t straddle the fence. It is clear what decision you should make when you have goals.
  • Prioritizing – The ability to prioritize makes you focus on movements that are important and do not waste your time. It’s amazing how you value your time and discard things in your life that have no meaning.
  • Better Decisions- goals will make you think twice and three times before making a decision. For every decision that you make, you will make sure that it aligns with the goal you have set yourself. You don’t want anything that is going to set you back when you can avoid it.

Most importantly, goals will make you think about your future and what you want for yourself down the road.

What goals have you made for yourself lately? Go through those with the current habits that you have and determine if they match each other.


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1 Comment
  • Casey
    January 2, 2019

    I think goals are easier if you tackle one at a time and truly accomplish the goal(s)
    before moving on. Or at least until you have given it 100% effort.

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Good Habits + Goals = Success