Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Crew

I enjoy good food so I’m here to support anyone who enjoys cooking. If you have family and friends who enjoy being in the kitchen and creating amazing dishes here are gifts that you can give.

Instant Pot 

I have been hearing about this everywhere and I am close to putting one in my Amazon cart.

Berry Buddy – Uncommon Goods

I think I want this for myself lol. This is a great idea for all your fresh berries that you want to rinse and not squish in the process. I have never seen a kitchen accessory like this but I like it.

Stainless Steel Herb Scissors

It’s nothing like seeing someone cut herbs straight from their garden or potted plants. I instantly get excited because you have to be an excellent cook at that point, right?

Herb Infuser

Your personal chef (in my mind that is what my friends and family are) can now serve up their personalized EVOO drizzles.

Mixing Bowls – from my time in the kitchen I’ve learned it’s good to have a variety of sizes and a pop of color doesn’t hurt either.



Bowl Covers

Metal/ Silicone  Straws – these are perfect for the person who makes smoothies, fresh juices and iced coffee on a regular. Now they don’t have to constantly purchase plastic straws and their drinks taste even better.


Grid Gear

KitchenAid Sifter

Wow!!! This is on another level and a true baker will hug you so tight for an upgrade to their baking.

What are some gifts that you think are great for those reppin’ amazing cooking?

Until next time…eat reallly good food.

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1 Comment
  • Casey
    December 21, 2018

    The berry gadget is a must. I eat plenty of berries. That sifter is for the cook at heart.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Crew