Holiday Gift Guide: Team Tea

As much as I like coffee, I think I enjoy tea just as much. I have both a coffee cup and teacup at work in my office. Yes, it’s that serious and they are 2 different sizes because I found myself making a huge cup of coffee and not drinking all of it.

Here are a few ideas for the friends and family that are Team Tea and you are looking to add to their collection.


Tea Kettle with Variable Temperature Control

A variable temperature kettle is the best thing to have when trying to determine if the water is hot enough for an oolong tea and isn’t scorching a green tea. For those who appreciate good tea, they know that all tea can be brewed at the same temperature. This removes any doubt on the temperature of water and allows you to enjoy one cup of tea after the other.

The price range for these kettles can be as low as $26 and as high as $200.

Click on the Amazon link to get you started.


Monthly Subscription of Tea

Your Team Tea might have their chosen brew they prefer, but I think they’d appreciate samples of other teas from time to time. So why not gift them a subscription of tea that does just that. Here are a few but a quick search will bring you to many more options.

Plum Deluxe

Crate Joy

Simplicity Teas


Tea Strainer

For all those that are about that loose tea life, tea strainers are the BEST thing to have in the home and at the office. It’s a bonus if you can a tea strainer that has a lid that also serves as a coaster to hold the strainer after pulling it from the mug.


Custom Tea Blend Kit

Why not give them the chance to design their own brew? This is perfect for those who are looking for a certain blend in their brew or want to try something new without wasting money.

Uncommon Goods

Tea It Yourself

Bird & Blend Tea Co.


Bonus Gift Ideas:

  • Tea shelf to store all their tea necessities
  • Tea Book
  • Digital Measuring Spoon
  • Buddha style mug

If you are Team Tea what is something that you would appreciate as a gift for the holidays?

Enjoy holiday shopping!!!!

PS – You can read my post Debt Proof Holiday Guide for some tips on how to gift the ones you love while not blowing your bank account.





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1 Comment
  • Casey
    December 8, 2018

    Good tea information b/c I am more of a tea drinker
    I bet that plum flavor is good

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