Holiday Gift Guide: Coffee Club

Now that I have been drinking coffee for a while, I have somewhat turned into a snob about the coffee I drink. Once I experienced the real taste of coffee, I didn’t want anything less.

Lately, I have tried to dibble and dabble into making my own coffee at home so I can save a few dollars.

For your friends and family in the coffee club here are a few things that you can gift them this year.

Coffee Grinder

Whole bean coffee is the best way to purchase and then grind it as needed. Coffee grinders allow a coffee lover to ground the beans exactly the way they need them for the type of coffee they are wanting to make.

Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

This is the best thing to keep beans fresh and last longer. Putting them in the freezer is not the answer, don’t ever suggest to that a true coffee lover.

Drip Scale and Timer

The drip scale and timer is the thing to have when perfecting a cup of coffee. To find the exact measurement and brew time lets them know they will always have a cup of coffee exactly to their liking.

When I go to a coffee shop I’m searching for this machine because it tells me just how serious the cafe is about making MY cup of coffee. I like sitting at the counters and watching baristas make coffee…it is such a work of art.

Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettle- Gooseneck style

Trust me the coffee lover in your life wants the proper kettle to pour the hot water over their coffee. It may not matter to you and that’s okay… it’s about them. Believe me, when they make you a cup, you’ll appreciate all they put into it.

Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker

This is an essential piece for a good cup of coffee.  This is used along with a pour over coffee drip kettle in ensuring the grounded coffee beans are evenly covered in boiling water. It’s great for home use in the kitchen when entertaining. It always brings about a lot of questions for those who are not aware of what truly makes a good cup of coffee.

Be sure to buy filters to go along with this gift.

French Press

A coffee lover who still wants to enjoy their own homemade cup at work will appreciate this. I consider it the portable coffee maker for in the office.

Bonus Gifts
  • Gift card to their favorite cafe
  • How To: Coffee Classes
  • Perfect Mug

If you are a coffee snob what are some things you’d appreciate as a gift?

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  • Casey
    December 4, 2018

    Good coffee suggestions.
    I recently tried some gourmet coffee and did not need any sugar or creamer. I enjoyed the taste of good coffee.

    • brittanyinsider
      December 4, 2018

      Yes when you can have a cup of coffee and not add a thing, it’s really satisfying in my opinion

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