Holiday Gift Guide: Jet-Setter

This is my favorite lifestyle gift guide to give you all. Why??? Because  #travelislife!!!!

I am always looking for something to make my travel experiences more enjoyable. This list is for beginners and those who travel just as much as I do.

Weekender/Carry-on Bag

For the beginner traveler, they won’t realize how important it is to have a good carry-on bag. Most beginner travelers have their large suitcases but not a piece of luggage they can walk through the airport and carry on the plane. Most people turn to a backpack but sometimes you need a true weekender/carry-on bag style.

For the seasoned traveler, it’s nice to be able to switch up every once in a while. Rather the seasoned traveler in your life prefers a classic or statement item they will appreciate it either way.

Lately, I have been eyeing the Away for new luggage. The reviews have been outstanding so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed but I also don’t want to get hooked lol.

Tip: Spend an average amount on travel pieces because between how harsh they are handled once they are put on the belt and the possible overpacking you want a piece that can handle it all. This doesn’t mean it has to be a luxury brand, my 2 large pieces come from Belk (what y’all know about Belk!!!)

Passport Holder

These are perfect for protecting your passport. More times than not you have to remove your passport for security but they are still much needed to protect damage against your passport.  Why risk your passport of being damaged because you tossed in with snacks, liquids, and other items in your carry on. You do not want to live that nightmare of being stuck somewhere or denied entry because a page has torn in your passport or other damage. Of course, I like them because they add a bit of style but I also know it’s protected.

The jet-setter in your life will appreciate this gift. There are tons of companies but here a few to get you started.

Airplane Apparel

Early morning flights, long flights, and flights that are overnight, comfort is key in all these scenarios.

If you can find t-shirts, sweatpants, or leggings solely for your jet-setter travels you will be an MVP for the holidays. Comfortable clothes with pockets is a game changer when trying to have certain things on hand and not wanting to put it in the seat pocket in fear of living it behind.

I like to wear THE most comfortable clothes that I own on flights no matter the distance. It is really much appreciated on those extra long flights. When you are ready to go to sleep the last you want to do is be fighting with a pair of jeans, dress, or suit if you don’t have to.

For those who have to land and go straight into office or business meeting. I say pack your office wear in your carry-on and change in the bathroom after arrival if you don’t have the chance to go to your hotel.

When you know you are going straight to your place of lodging after your arrival why not fly in the most comfortable clothes you own.

Nighty Night
  • Eye mask – It puts me in complete darkness and gives me the best sleep I can get on a plane
  • Neck pillow- I’m not trying to be that person getting whiplash; I prefer to stare and laugh at those that are lol
  • Compression socks – improve blood circulation and reduce swelling
  • Footrest – for those flights they aren’t able to lay horizontal this is great for improving sleep.
Travel size containers

A jet-setter can never have enough travel size containers. Travel size containers are perfect for saving space in luggage. If you purchase the 3 ounces or less even better for a carry-on type of trip. I find myself always buying more containers because I don’t always pack the exact same products.

Travel size containers are great for less worrying about leaving an entire full-size product behind in the hotel.

Travel adapter

Travel adapters are perfect for plugging up devices abroad. They multi travel adapters comply with most countries.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the jet-setter in your life.

See you next time. Be sure to read the guide on being debt free while holiday shopping.

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  • Casey
    November 24, 2018

    You are a true traveler

    • brittanyinsider
      November 24, 2018

      Yes I love to travel!!! Anyway I can help others I’m happy to

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Holiday Gift Guide: Jet-Setter