Debt Proof Holiday Guide

I recently read that 60 or 70% of people would prefer to not take part in gift purchasing this year. What does that say? Do people find spending time with the ones they love priceless and gifts aren’t necessary? Are people going into debt during the holidays and don’t want to put themselves through it again?

For those of us who are looking to do some gift-giving this year let me give a few tips to be sure you do not go into debt.

Create a Budget

How much total CAN YOU AFFORD to spend on gifts this year? Next, make a list of everyone you plan to gift this year and then place a dollar amount to their names. DO NOT increase your limit to make it work, get creative in gift-giving.

Don’t Gift Everyone

There is no reason to feel like you HAVE to gift all your friends, families, and others that you speak to occasionally but feel like you should gift them also. Make a list of those you want to gift to and don’t continue to add to it.

Gift Smaller

You don’t have to cut people completely but you can gift smaller gifts. You can tell yourself that the gifts must be stocking stuffer size and anything bigger is a no. I think when you give yourself size limitations you really think about what that person could use.

Shop Early

The earlier you start, the better. You have a better chance of finding what you want to gift and even lucking up on sales. There are a lot of sales during the holidays but don’t wait until the last minute when everyone is looking for the exact items like you.


Yes, it is just that simple. Don’t be one of these people on 24 December at 10 pm trying to find a gift for someone. Make it a goal to finish early. I plan to start around Thanksgiving and by 15 December I plan to be done (3 weeks to get it done).

Happy Holidays!!!! No Stress allowed.



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Debt Proof Holiday Guide