My Random Ramble

I left you all hanging last week on my wrap up of random weekly thoughts. I have you covered and I’m here to fill you in.

What do you mean seats are less than paid passengers? Is this new math?

I was all set to fly out for a trip at 6:00 am to only to get to the airport and be told there wasn’t seat for me. Y’all I was so confused or maybe better, I was not understanding. I stood at the check-in counter with no words. I could only question out loud what type of airline company continues to sell tickets knowing they don’t have enough seats. So my 6:00 am departure turned into a 4:30 pm departure.

The lady at the counter tried to smooth it over with a breakfast voucher. It took all I had to not throw a tantrum. You all know travel is life for me and I really felt like it was being taken away from. I felt like it was the last flight leaving out to where I wanted to be.

So I had no choice but to go home. Oh, I got back in the bed lol. I didn’t have the energy for anything else that early in the morning. 😊

Wait a minute, they also said I’d get a $150 voucher for the inconvenience and I haven’t seen that yet via email. I need to look into that.

Is it just me? I feel like people don’t get to be upset with someone about something they never communicated VERBALLY about. I wasn’t blessed to read minds, were you?

Office Happenings: Asking me a question is not going to trick me into doing your work for you… don’t insult my intelligence.

I have downloaded the same book 2 times from the library. Third time around I should finish it right? 

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back with more random moments in my life.


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  • Casey
    November 19, 2018

    I hope it wasn’t your favorite airline

    • brittanyinsider
      November 19, 2018

      No a new one I was trying out

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