Curl Chat: Two-strand Twist Out Tuesday

This past weekend I ended my 6-week protective style of Marley twists. I was going to style my hair quickly with a wash n go but then I realized after 6 weeks, it was possible my curl pattern may not be poppin’

Two- strand twists with a new product was the decision I made.

Afroveda Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Hair Butter Cream

The description from AfroVeda website:

This creamy concoction has been a favorite since the very beginning for transforming twists into FAB twist-outs! Its moisture-rich formula helps to smooth out tangles and highlight curl definition, all while giving you the hold you need for amazing natural styles. The ginger in this ayurvedic treatment (along with other natural herbs and botanicals) is loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to naturally promote hair growth. But wait…there’s more. This baby also works as a heat protectant. Apply this on wet hair before blow drying/flat ironing to keep from burning your hair and having to smell it 3 days later.

Great for curly hair textures that are healthy but tend to be a bit oily!

Straight from the bonnet : )



Be sure to put oil on your twist before separating.

I separated my two-strand twists until I had the fullness I wanted. I did think between the gym and humidity it would get fuller on its own so I only pull the twist apart and then each section apart one time.

You want to separate slow to avoid frizz.


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  • Casey
    October 31, 2018

    Never heard of this brand but will definitely give it a try.
    Your curls look very nice.
    Thanks for sharing

    • brittanyinsider
      October 31, 2018

      I was online as always and it was by chance I found it
      I’d never heard anyone talk about it.

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Curl Chat: Two-strand Twist Out Tuesday