Current Skincare Stars

Is it just me or does it seem like the skincare aisle is becoming more and more crowded with so many brands? It doesn’t help that I’m a semi-product junkie. It does have its benefits and one of them is sharing with you all so you aren’t holding 2-3 bottles in your hands confused as to what does what and how is it better than the brand next to it. I do not claim to be a professional but I’ve learned what I like AND what I don’t like.

This go round I want to share what I consider to be the skincare stars, the products that I am enjoying the most and have been keeping in heavy rotation.

Sephora Clay Mask

I discovered these in Sephora in that location where they suck you in and offer all the cutest mini products of what you already have in your cart or simply decide that you need… check out line.

I’ll tell you these got me because they stated that you can get 4 uses from each packet. Oh and I can get 5 out of mine, which makes me even happier.

Not only do I use these at home but they are also another option for travel, no worries on leaking.

My favorite right now is the grey clay mask that mattifies and balances. I have oily skin and this mask steps in and does the job.

If you are someone who isn’t a fan of clay mask check out Sephora’s sheet mask.

Fresh – Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

I have used 3 other brands of toner and this is my favorite. I like this toner because it is alcohol-free and hydrates my skin.

Toners I have used in the past left my skin feeling dry.

This toner, which has real rose petals, is great for removing all the impurities and leaving the skin feeling soft.

I also like that the bottle is plastic because lately, I’ve been purchasing more skincare products and they are glass.

The only thing I am worried about as I get to the end of the bottle is the rose petals blocking the remaining toner. I plan to pop the top off at that point and transfer to a smaller container.


Fresh- Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Warning: This product is more on the pricier side. I purchased this during Sephora Sale and I recommend you do the same.

After researching the benefits of an essence and what it is needed for the skin, I made this my first purchase.

Essence is another of hydration after you have applied your toner. Toner removes while essence supplies what is needed to ensure your skin soaks in all the benefits of your other skincare products.

This essence contains kombucha which is a fermented black tea that protects against pollution. Pollution shows signs of aging and dull and dry skin.

If you are new to essence like I was don’t feel pressured to purchase a large bottle, start with something small or maybe even ask for a sample.


Shea Moisture – Superfruit Multivitamin Renewal Eye Cream

This is one of those products that you will have to search for. Both Ulta and Target use to carry this but now it seems to be limited.

I like this eye cream because it is both hydrating and not oily. I can apply this by itself without makeup and I do think it brightens the eyes. I can also apply concealer on top and not worry about my making sliding around or caking up during the day.


Kiehls since 1851- Buttermask Intense Repair Lip Treatment

Bedtime I need for my lips to be well moisturized. A nighttime lip mask passed the test when I wake up in the morning and it appears that someone kept applying in my sleep to ensure I felt it when I woke up in the morning. I love waking up in the morning rubbing my lips together and feeling that my lips have been moisturized alllll night.

This lip treatment DOES IT!!! I look forward to putting this on every night before going to bed. I leave this jar on my nightstand and it is the last thing I do before I turn out the light.

I know a lot of people aren’t use to paying a lot for lip treatment but this is one is worth every penny. With it being a buttermask it glides on so nicely and a little goes a long way. This is also perfect for those who need something to repair dryness or flakiness of the lips.

Go get this lip treatment!!!


Lush – Karma Kream

Lush and I didn’t officially meet until 2016 so we are still getting to know each other. I can though go ahead and tell you it has been amazing from day 1.

This Karma Kream is great for moisturizing the skin. It has a nice blend of almond oil and cocoa butter. My favorite ingredients with anything I put on my skin.

I will tell you now when you first apply the moisturizer it does come off as being watery, but as you continue to rub it into the skin that feeling goes away. It is not like those other moisturizers that start and end watery and you know it has not done a thing for your skin. This product rubs into a thickness that leaves the skin moisturized all day.

My label is printed in Spanish because I purchased this while on vacation in Latin America. The link I provided has a printed label in English.


If you are telling yourself that you can only purchase one thing, go with what you think would benefit you most right now.

I always think everything lol.

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Until next time…be good to yourself and others.


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  • Casey
    October 12, 2018

    Great info
    Thanks for sharing

    • brittanyinsider
      October 12, 2018

      No problem. The buttermask for the lips is sooo nice for nighttime moisture and the Shea moisture eye cream is great also

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Current Skincare Stars