You Smell Good!!! What Are You Wearing?

It is going to be a challenge to describe these perfumes when you can’t scratch n’ sniff (future technology in the works…maybe). However, after you read this, go check these perfumes out. Remember spraying directly on you rather than a sample strip gives the most accurate outcome of how the perfume reacts to your body chemistry.

Vera Wang – Embrace (Green Tea and Pear Blossom)

Notes:  Top – pear blossom, bergamot, and green tea / Middle – freesia, peony, and orange blossom / Base- musk, cedar, and sandalwood

I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this scent and became interested in wanting to try it. The scent of green tea, I wrote it off as not being my cup of tea (did you catch that ; )

I think my curiosity was wanting to know how green tea could come off as a fragrance that could be worn. Well, now I have labeled it as my ‘weekend’ and chill fragrance. It is one that I can wear from brunch to the grocery store to a stroll around Target. The combination of the green tea and pear is amazing. It is a fresh floral scent that I can wear day or night.

A little goes a long way and at a price of $29.99 it is worth the purchase.

Elizabeth James – Nirvana Rose

Notes: Geranium, Rose, Vetiver

It was the GlamTwinz that pointed me in the direction of this perfume. We all have similar perfumes that we like, so I was thinking this could be one also after their review.

My thoughts on what a rose perfume should smell like were completely different from what I received. I think it was for the better because what I was expecting I don’t think I would have liked it because I would have found the scent to be strong in a sweet manner.

While this is a floral scent, this is one of the boldest and strongest perfumes that I own.  When I opened it for the first time I thought to myself, this is waaay too strong mature scent, as in this should be a part of my grandmother collection.

It took a couple times of me wearing it for it finally grow on me. Initially, I was wearing it so that I wouldn’t use my favorites so fast, but after so many compliments and questioning of what I was wearing, it quickly moved to the front. A few sprays of this goes a long way and the way it changes throughout the day is very nice.

Oh and I learned Elizabeth James fragrance is owned by Mary- Kate and Ashley of Full House.

Dior: Miss Dior – Absolutely Blooming

Notes: Red Berry Accord, Grasse Rose Absolute, Peony Accord, White Musk Accord

I’ll admit from the start I was a sucka’ for the packaging. A bottle with a silver bow on the cap and the hot pink liquid is a perfect perfume to be displayed in my collection.

I can spray this on every day and never tire of the romantic floral scent it delivers.


What are some of your favorite perfumes you think I should try?

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  • Casey
    September 28, 2018

    Anything by Marc Jacobs

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You Smell Good!!! What Are You Wearing?