I Can Be On Weekend Status Every Day.

Question: Who lives for the weekend? Sunday night I’m thinking come on Monday and get out the way so I can get closer to Friday. I don’t feel like I have to do a round trip of home to work with no deviations allowed when it’s Friday and I feel I have options for what I want to do. Soooooo not cool!!! Why can’t I do what I want during the week I asked myself, and then in talkin’ to myself (yes to myself) I realized I can do what I want and a day of the week should not control how I move.

It’s like I was living part-time during the week and I can’t have that. So I started pulling some weekend activities into my weekdays. Are you already doing this? If yes, why didn’t you tell me?!?!

If you are not doing this,  here are a few ideas on how to feel like every day is your weekend.


  • Grab mid-week cocktails:  Call/text your girls and meet up at a happy hour spot. It’s so fun to sit around during the week and have those moments to catch up face to face and enjoy some laughs together. Or create a cocktail, chill at someone house, and put the playlist on.


  • Movie Time: After work get together and watch a movie. Why wait until the weekend? I can go home in the evenings and watch 2-3 episodes of a show on Netflix, so surely I can stay up long enough for a movie. Do it big and catch a movie where dinner is offered or consider popcorn dinner ( I know I’m not the only who has done that a few nights).


  • Dinner & Friends: Invite some friends over and cook dinner or some shareable appetizers. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be, get on Pinterest for those recipes on quick and easy meals. You can even have a theme and tell everyone to bring a dish.


  • Swimming: I use to come home and see people in the pool and say to myself: Don’t you have to go to work in the morning? That was a living life part-time mentality. Now I get in the pool some evenings and it’s the best thing. I go into a state of relaxation and I find that balance.  If you know me I’m the first one trying to get to the beach or pool.


  • Midday class: If your job allows you to get away for a hour or so get in a quick class. Join a gym near work and then you can get in yoga, cycling, step aerobics (my fave). Add in your calendar appointment like you would do with any other thing and take off…after approval of course because you still want that job after.








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  • Casey
    June 20, 2018

    Great options

I Can Be On Weekend Status Every Day.